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First-Year Students Welcome To Strathmore

  Sep 23, 2019

Strathmore Business School has been developing business leaders since 2005 and is among the top tier business schools in Africa.

The first year’s Bachelor of Commerce and Management class had a forum with the Executive Dean, Dr. George Njenga on 23rd September 2019 where they officially met the Dean and the management team. The students were given a chance to engage Dr. Njenga and his team on any questions and issues they had to raise.

Speaking during the Executive Dean’s Forum, Dr. George Njenga, the Executive Dean at the Strathmore Business School told the first-year students that they must be willing to go the extra mile if they wanted to succeed in today’s world.
“If there is anyone else in any part of the world that does what you do, do not accept to be second, ” Dr. Njenga said.

“Do not steer your own ship, ensure you ensure the mentors to guide you throughout your time at Strathmore,” Njenga said. He advised the students to make use of their mentors and ensure to get the best out of them He also told them to feel free if they felt the need to change mentors. Do not steer your own ship, ensure you ensure the mentors to guide you throughout your time at Strathmore.

He further emphasized to the students the need to consistently develop and improve their capacity for technology in all aspects, this keeping in mind that the future world is a world of technology.

Why Strathmore, some would ask; it boasts of an international faculty and has over 50 years’ experience producing qualifications of international standards. Moreover, the university combines its academic rigor with real-life applications and offers a powerful networking platform.

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