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Evaluating Social Impact: SBS Partners with Swissocial to Optimize Sustainability

  Feb 17, 2016

Strathmore Business School, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Swissocial; a partnership which will support organizations in measuring the impact of social and development projects.

Swissocial will bring huge expertise in research, capability of identifying social problems, as well as a cutting edge methodology and expertise in measuring social impact.

The primary purpose of impact evaluation is to determine whether a project has an impact (positive or negative) on the people targeted in the intervention, and to quantify the magnitude of the impact. Many impact evaluations refer only to few key outputs, the ones addressed directly by the project. They do not take into account that any project has implications that go beyond the “officially” targeted goals.

“The impact of many “so-called”concept of sustainability activities, are unfortunately often misused to better sell economic or development projects. Through this partnership between SBS and Swissocial we will be able to identify which projects actually fulfill the requirements for sustainability,” remarked Dr. Juan Alarcon, Founder of Swissocial.

Swissocial has undertaken evaluations in Asia, Africa, Europe and S. America with clients including Plan International. The projects have covered a wide range, including early childhood education, micro-entrepreneurship, vocational training and providing training in alternative livelihoods.

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