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Ethical Organisations. How can this be achieved?

  Apr 8, 2016

What defines the ethical value system of an organisation? What dictates the way of life at the organisation?  Does doing the right thing consistently comprise of compliance to company procedures and code of conduct? These were some of the issues that were addressed during the Developing Leadership Capabilities program.

Under the overall theme ‘Moving from doing to becoming, Making profit with a Purpose’, the program described the essence of ethical practices in the organization. In the African Culture, customs and taboos were used to pass ethos. Folklore was also very crucial in passing on ethos, customs and values that were considered societal norms. This informal education was translated to the various social strata across the community.

Thomas Mundia, Director Executive Coaching and Program Leader Developing Leadership Capabilities challenged the participants to be more aware of the complexities which define a human person, characteristic to their unique personalities, traits and character. “The people that you lead have got something unique. The human person has a dignity that is inherent in them, regardless of what they own materially. How different would you treat your colleagues if you looked at them as spiritual beings”, he asked.

He gave the participants an overview of the various schools of ethics, namely; Virtue ethics, Deontological ethics which are actions that are directed by law and policy and lastly the Utilitarian Ethics where the end justifies the means.

“It is crucial for organisations to define the acceptable and the unacceptable behaviors of its employees. Procedures are measurable, but how efficient are procedures and policies in shaping the behaviors of people,” asked Thomas. “It is the small changes that you begin making today that make a significant impact tomorrow,” he added.

He urged the participants to surround themselves with authentic people who will be the positive push in issuing constructive criticism which can be of significance in their personal development.

“Authentic leadership you to work on yourself. Discovering your authentic leadership requires a commitment to developing yourself. Once you are authentic, you have got no competition,” he concluded.

About the Developing Leadership Capabilities Program

This program is uniquely suited for leaders seeking to develop a vision and strategy for their teams, communicate the change vision, empower others to act, consolidate gains, establish a greater sense of urgency and produce even more change by institutionalizing new approaches in the future.

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