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Enhancing Healthcare Delivery

  May 18, 2012

Robert Burton said, “Restore a man to his health; his purse lies open to thee.” Healthcare is a prime factor in the economy since a healthy being, is a productive being. QPPS (Quality: Patient and Staff Safety) program is a partnership between world-renowned medical supplies provider, B Braun and SBS towards improving safety in patient management The program helps healthcare professionals to develop skill sets and leadership qualities required to improve their healthcare organizations. This results in improving the services and therefore brings up a healthy and productive nation. The program focuses on safety in the medical field which is a major pillar in the safety movement and is based on the culture of the patients’ wellbeing with an emphasis of identifying and eliminating the gaps present.

Strathmore Business School was the rendezvous for several medical professionals from different organization during the QPSS program that took place between 7th and 11th of May. During the period, the medical practitioners were learning amongst other things project and risk management in healthcare organizations. The highly collaborative sessions involved close examination of real life cases and past occurrences to establish proper courses of action during projects and how to go about risk assessments.

Dr. Ben Ngoye- The Academic Director of Healthcare Programs at Strathmore Business School did his best to go through the cases indicating; the processes in a project life cycle, success factors and parameters to consider during the project management process. Team dynamics and use of well-known metrics for benchmarking the project with an emphasis on measuring and evaluation so as to ensure continuity of projects was discussed. The enthusiasm in the class was evident as the medical practitioners continually spoke of their plans to implement the success factors in their respective places of work. There are initiatives by the participants that will see them undertake projects which are to save lives and add value to the medical service delivery such include; ease of admission process of Cardiac patients at Mater hospital and Equipping Afya house with First Aid kits.

The program is sponsored by GIZ (technical arm of the German Development Cooperation (GDC) which has been active in Kenya on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.) and B|BRAUN (a leading healthcare supplier with expansive experience in technology within the medical field).

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