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Employee Engagement Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

  Apr 24, 2020

The business landscape the world over has rapidly changed in just a few months, with most businesses having to move their operations online. Remote work and study are now the new normal for many businesses. Being a new concept for most businesses and their employees alike, it is important as a business to ensure that you adapt accordingly. 

Between school closures, remote working, social distancing mandates and increased anxiety over when the pandemic will be contained, your employees are surely on edge right now. Additionally, working from home during this period comes with its fair share of issues: constant distractions, maintaining focus, low morale, power outages, poor internet connection, and effective time management among others. 

Keeping employees engaged and productive at this time may prove to be tough, but it can be done. Here are five ways in which you can keep your employees actively engaged during this pandemic period.

1. Strong Communication

Strong communication skills are a sign of a leader, which is what your employees need right now, they need to know they have a leader who is on top of things. It is your duty as a leader to allay their fears and concerns and help them focus on other things. Constant communication will furthermore boost employee morale and help them concentrate on work more. 

2. Acknowledge Employees Efforts

With the current working situation, it may not be possible to appreciate your employees physically as would be the case in the office. However, as a leader, you must ensure you recognize and appreciate each and everyone’s efforts no matter where they are. You can also be creative and come up with meaningful rewards to deliver a better employee experience. 

3. Allow for Flexibility

As a leader you must understand your team’s working environment when working from home employees might have to engage in their household chores or other duties. Allowing for flexibility helps the team get back to work with a free mind. Therefore, you must take appropriate measures to ensure flexibility for motivating your employees and strengthen their commitment towards the organization.

4. Create an Online Community 

Working from home for a long period, and under these circumstances is surely going to take a toll on your employees’ mental health. This arises due to the void where your employees are no longer able to experience their usual office culture where they meet with colleagues and get into casual conversations. You need to create an informal online community where your employees are connected 24/7 and can speak up their mind in a profound manner and maintain their workplace camaraderie even if they are confined to their homes.

5. Online Team Building

Team building is an essential part of employee engagement and though organizing such activities is much easier when your employees are present near you, you can still host such activities online and involve all your employees with modern collaborative tools at your disposal.

Though it may seem almost impossible to keep your employees engaged as they work remotely, it is doable and more so in this technological age. At the end of the day, it remains up to you as a business to decide on how to implement it to enhance your employee experience and boost their morale for better productivity.

Article by Juliet Hinga

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