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Dr. George Njenga Global Entrepreneurship Summit Inauguration Speech

  Jun 12, 2015

Your Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta,
Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru and All other, Dignitaries of Government, and Captains of Industry,
Chair of the Strathmore University Council, Mrs Musundi Vice Chancellor, Prof John Odhiambo
All protocols observed.

On behalf of the Chair of Strathmore University Council Mrs Musundi, and the Vice Chancellor, Prof John Odhiambo, I welcome you to Strathmore and congratulate you on this auspicious occasion when you inaugurate the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Kenya Chapter. Well-done Mr President for expanding the market space across Africa and for building an enabling business environment. Kenya has added more than 515 megawatts within two years to the national grid. Kenya is now a middle-income economy. The Lamu port is on course. Investment in the Northern corridor has begun. The nation is healing.

However, we still need to continue the fight against graft and corruption, which erodes, not only the possibility of reducing poverty, but also the moral fiber of our nation. We at Strathmore University would like a wealthier nation run by wise and ethical people. We dearly love our country and our continent and that is the spirit we see in you.

Although Strathmore Business School is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, it is part of Strathmore College, which was the first Multi racial Educational Institution in Kenya in 1961. With your help, if you open your doors and direct these warriors at Strathmore, it is our desire to develop, over the next 10 years, more than 10,000 executives in Business leadership, Owner Managers, in Agribusiness, Engineering, ICT and Healthcare, within an environment of ethical leadership and good governance. We also desire to grow the capability of more than 10,000 women in institutional governance. We feel you need more good warriors who bring in the meat and skin, in profits through good governance.

If we endeavor on this path, normal virtuous people who are globally capable will follow us, the first born of Africa.

Thank you very much Mr President.

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