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Developing the New Manager

  Jul 6, 2011

“It has been an intensive week and rich experience. I have been changed to the core and actually mutated to be a more effective person.The faculty has really impressed me and personally I feel like I have just had a Havard Business School experience. I have not only learnt how to be a manager but also a leader,” Emmanuel Milikai, NMLP Participant 2011.

“Newly minted” managers once promoted to a new role and title may feel a sense of achievement, promotion, ego and career growth among others. However, this new role requires leadership and management skills as others will be looking up to them for guidance and leadership. They will now be depended upon to make tough choices.

Despite the pressure to perform, new managers are often thrust into a new managerial position with little or no training on how to cope with their new title. How then can one learn to cope as a new manager?

A Good manager needs to have an appetite for learning and a hunger to improve themselves and those who report to them. New managers should adopt the same hunger for their own development as well as the development of those who report to them.

The New Managers Leadership Program, a new program offered at SBS, enriched their participants with leadership skills and management styles in regard to their peers and bosses, performance management, managing networks, ethics and corporate governance.

“I have learnt crucial lessons such as the team needs to buy into the vision of the organisation and that all employees are unique,” reported Alfrida Boinett, Group Operations Manager, Bodo Holdings Limited.

New Managers Leadership Program will be having a second intake in October.

View pictures of the NMLP Program here.

For more information regarding NMLP, Click here.

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