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Danida Program Addresses Public Policy Issues in Developing Countries

  Feb 25, 2015

Danida Program Addresses Public Policy Issues in Developing Countries
Participants from various regional and international countries converged at Strathmore Business School from the 23rd February, 2014 for the Danida Public Policy Program. The 5-day program designed by the Danida Fellowship Centre and Danida Training Institute, initiatives of Danida (Danish development cooperation, through Mr Lars Petersen), in conjunction with Strathmore Business School (SBS), aims at addressing public policy issues affecting developing countries.


Dr Monica Kerrets-Makau, the main facilitator of the program, introduced the participants to the theory of public policy in the introductory class, instigating and facilitating a lively discussion on their expectations concerning the program, their conception of public policy, and case examples of public policy application in the diverse countries from which the participants hail.


The program will be facilitated using the Case study methodology with cases on the contribution of public policy on cleanliness in Rwanda, gender mainstreaming in Tanzania, inclusion of marginalised castes within the Hindu community of Nepal and the transition of mobile money sending services in Kenya from private to public goods, among others.


These cases, Dr Kerrets said, show the pervasiveness of public policy in all the issues facing the developing world. “Many times you don’t know when or where the origins of a policy lie,” she added. But it is everywhere, and the origin can be traced to myriad sources, like political statements and the growth of companies.
The program will have syndicate group discussions, which ensures that the participants are fully engaged, sharing ideas and learning from one another, without missing out on the extensive experience of the facilitators or the superior learning environment at the business school.


The Danida Public Policy Program was launched in 2012. This year, the participants are from Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Rwanda and Tanzania and are involved in managing public policy projects.

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