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Creating a Highly-Skilled Workforce

  Oct 25, 2019

Institutions of higher learning play a crucial role in the society with higher education broadly defined as one of the key drivers of growth performance, competitiveness, and prosperity in society.

One of the key roles of higher education in society is to create a quality and highly skilled workforce. Education policymakers the world over are moving away from raising the levels of literacy towards equipping learners with skills required in the workplace

With the ever-changing workplace landscape, it is critical that institutions of higher learning design programmes that will raise both the knowledge and skill level of the students. Universities need to not only keep up with the pace of innovation and technological advancement but also with the global economy changes.

UNESCO’s system task team report on Education and Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Development beyond 2015 read in part, “the most recent developments in the knowledge society and the subsequent changes in the world of work at the global level are raising skill/qualifications requirements for job entry and subsequently demand for a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce”

At Strathmore Business School, we aim to create all rounded students who can compete globally. We pride ourselves in thinking beyond borders when crafting a curriculum for our students. Moreover, our academic programmes offer a combination of academic rigour and real-life skills.

In a bid to develop great African leaders, SBS partnered with ACCA Kenya to offer their students the BCOM-ACCA Embedded Programme. This course is designed for students looking to get qualifications and maximize their career options.

The course is structured into modules designed to focus on core management functions. It further prepares students for the workplace in areas of management, finance, accountancy, banking, micro-finance, administration, marketing, and related fields.

The first group of the BCOM-ACCA Embedded undergraduate programme is currently in its third year of study. Some of the benefits that students of this programme are entitled to include: lower ACCA tuition fees, and exemptions for some ACCA units.

Benefits that students pursuing this program are entitled to:

Read more on our BCOM programme here


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