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Competencies and behaviors critical for effective leadership

  May 15, 2015

Captain bdBoardroom leadership is part of the winning ingredient in every organisation’s success story. Alluding from these remarks were: James Wambugu -Managing Director UAP Insurance Company Ltd, Geoffrey Otieno, – Business Development Consultant, Enreal Limited and Duncan Kabui- Group Managing Director Chase Bank during the Captains of Industry Roundtable discussion panel held on the 8th May 2015 at the Women in Executive Leadership League Summit.

The topic under discussion; Competencies and Behaviors Critical for Effective C-Suite Leadership and Board Leadership, illustrated the link between corporate leadership and talent identification, with each panelist attesting to the objectivity of setting oneself apart from the pack.

Geoffrey Otieno shared his experience of his humble beginnings, baffling the audience. He remarkably put across the essence of education in a person’s life, a contributor to setting oneself apart from the group. In being effective, Geoffrey explained the significance of a talent mind-set embedded throughout the organisation, starting from the CEO, trickling down to the junior positions. Succession planning for top leadership positions should value talent, great appreciations of individuals at all levels both present and future; summing it all to talent is the vehicle to move the organisation to where it wants to be.

Speaking on leadership, James Wambugu, began with a rather thought provoking quote, “a leader in the end is a person who can lead himself and others follow,” he said. “There is always a desire to get something done, and in the right manner. It’s that itch that we can’t scratch that makes us wake up and toil every morning.” James studied Commerce with a dream of becoming an auditor. His first job at Pricewaterhouse_Coopers was as exhilarating as it was intense. “During the interview, I was asked this one question which piqued my mind: Where do you see yourself in ten years? It was the first time I had ever given my future plans a thought.” He told the captivated audience. Posing a similar question to the audience, he went forward to give attributes and competencies inevitable in the making of a leader. First, you must have a heart: have a passion for what you do; secondly, you have to work smart – which includes choosing an area you are comfortable in; have guts- the environment you will be trading into will require a lot of decision making which will call for a stronger will; Integrity- do what you say and say what you do. You would rather lose everything but not your integrity and lastly, luck; luck or graces are the invisible hands which often come to play giving a twist to the work place.

Duncan Kibui gave the story of Chase Bank, highlighting the essence of embracing a robust organizational excellence as a platform for productivity. Structured approaches with strong underpinnings on the organisational values, aspirations and commitments are core in every corporate institution. Bringing the discussions to a close, Duncan stirred the listeners with one of Sunny Bindra’s quote, “You don’t unseat an incumbent by being like an incumbent.”

The floor was later on opened to the audience who were bursting with inquisitive remarks revolving around; the paradigm shift in women leadership, succession preparations and role of women mentors.

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