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Coaching Re-Union: Unlocking Potential Breaking Boundaries

  Feb 5, 2016

A country’s financial sector is the greatest driver of the economy, a great creator of wealth and well being to its people. With such a significant role played by practitioners in the financial sector, it is eminent that personnel participating in such industries be fully equipped with the capacity expected to derive change.

It is with these premises in mind that Strathmore Business School, Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa) and Creative Metier; brought together by their common interest in the financial sector, coined an executive coaching curriculum which would enable CEOs in the financial sector unlock their potential through appreciating and inculcating a coaching culture in their respective organizations.

“The heart of this program has been exploring the power of coaching in developing and embedding coaching culture towards driving development in Sub-Saharan Africa,” remarked Thomas Mundia, Director Executive Coaching Strathmore Business School (SBS).

The 6-month coaching programme under the Transforming Business Performance: How to Build a Coaching Culture initiative will reconvene the 10 participants, with an aim of investigating the interactions the coachee has had with coaching, as well as the milestones they have covered in integrating coaching in their organizational culture.

The event set to take place on the 24th February 2016, from 9:00am- 11:00am, is centered on the experiences of the leaders through the coaching sessions, particularly as it relates to transforming the cultures within their institutions.

The participants are a rich blend of the sector’s giants, comprehensive of participants from the following institutions; Safaricom Sacco, UAP Insurance, Centenary Bank-Uganda, Commercial Bank of Africa, ICEA General Insurance Company Limited, Equity Tanzania, Capital Markets Authority- Uganda, Ecobank Uganda, and Jubilee Insurance Kenya.

“We have been able to see the impact of coaching, with reference to the increase in the uptake of financial services in the region, which has been very rewarding.” Thomas Mundia, Director Executive Coaching.

The main aim of the event will be to gain insight from the CEOs and senior leaders on how they intend to bring about a culture change required to enhance the business performance of their institutions using coaching.


Midterm evaluations have already been conducted with the participants and some topics for discussion derived from this so as to address the most crucial needs of the group, are:

  • How to create awareness about coaching to teams within institutions
  • Practical steps to introducing a coaching culture within their institutions
  • How to use results to make the case for coaching
  • What success of the programme looks like in the short and long term


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