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“Businesses should be purposeful” Russell Stokes Senior Vice President, GE

  Mar 17, 2017

“Businesses should be purposeful and it is the job of the leader to communicate that purpose to the team.” Russell Stokes, Senior Vice President General Electric (GE), President and CEO GE Energy Connections

In an environment of constant change, global businesses are becoming more cognitive on the impact of change on individuals and societies.  Amidst turbulent times, global leaders face the test of time and culture in leading diverse teams. How then can such leaders align these dynamics with the core principle values of the organization?

Russell Stokes, Senior Vice President General Electric (GE), President and CEO GE Energy Connections, embodies the principle that Businesses should have a purposeful mission to society. Energy Connections is GE’s electrification and automation business, bringing the world reliable, efficient energy that enables utilities and other customers to manage electricity from the point of power generation to the point of power consumption.

Russell Stokes shares wisdom in leadership with the Advanced Management Program participants at Strathmore Business School.

What defines successful organizations?

  1. Commitment to integrity and appreciation of the brand values is crucial. Ethical business practices earn credibility in the marketplace and also gives room for honesty and transparency; significant in fostering the growth of an organization.
  2. Unity and oneness – Organisations that operate in silos are bound to encounter numerous challenges. The appreciation of team work and team cohesion enhances commitment towards one agenda irrespective of how big the organization is.
  3. A culture of risk taking – Risk Innovation. Leaders must be curious, eager to learn and in steady anticipation of change. One has to appreciate that in disruption there are opportunities to create new businesses and enhance growth. Leaders must learn to pay attention to what other people rarely see.
  4. A Leader must have a great sense of self confidence and humility. This is through the realization that one can learn from anyone.
  5. Leaders must be able to listen to the frustrations and dissatisfaction of clients in order to establish a relationship that connects on their needs.

“One cannot live in an environment where there is a lot of uncertainty and fail to take a swing at risk.” Russell Stokes, Senior Vice President General Electric (GE), President and CEO GE Energy Connections

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