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Business School to Launch Two Masters Programs

  Jun 17, 2016

Strathmore University Business School will be launching two masters programs: Master in Development Finance and Master in Agribusiness Management on 2nd and 9th September 2016 respectively.

The Kenya Vision 2030 identifies agriculture as a key sector. Under the Vision, smallholder agriculture will be transformed from subsistence activities, marked by low productivity and low value addition, to an innovative, commercially-oriented, internationally competitive and modern agricultural sector.

The SBS Masters in Agribusiness Management programme aims to produce graduates who will be able to help the global food and agribusiness sectors reinvent themselves. Students will gain the tools to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing by food and agricultural enterprises, as well as manage all aspects of agribusiness operations.

The curriculum has been designed in collaboration with the African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) and the input of key business leaders in the agribusiness sector to address Africa-wide practices and needs in agriculture education.

Strathmore Business School’s MSc. in Development Finance will deal with the main issues associated with the finance of the public and private sectors in developing and transitional economies. The intention is to provide essential skills which equip graduates for successful careers in public finance, bank and non-bank financial institutions, international finance organizations, aid agencies, academic and research institutions.

For more information regarding any of the two master Programs, write to the program Director via: or +254 723 049 866.

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