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  Aug 4, 2016

Strathmore Business School alumni council recently commissioned the executive Alumni Committee, whose mandate will be to guide the alumni office on the modes of alumni engagement, as well as provide a window to keep touch with industry advancements by providing indicators of what the market needs and trends are.

The quality of the alumni network is the pride of every institution, as it is the institution’s product of the training and the values it embodies. The committee’s commitment to the Business School’s mission epitomizes the significant role alumni play in contributing to the development of any institution.

At the helm of this committee, sits 4 alumni from diverse business industries. Their commitment to being global shapers of the industry they work in, as well as their diligent support to the activities of the Business School, represents a few of their outstanding qualities. The Alumni Association manager, Ms. Wangui Kanyotu gave the following remarks to welcome the committee, “The new executive committee is a very good representation of the industry at large, representing the voice of the alumni across all industries. The committee is a good addition to the alumni association, an exciting phase that can only yield better returns.”

This committee is comprised of the following executives:


Nandu Hirani ChairName: Nandu Hirani, MBA 2012

Current designation: Infrastructure Consultant

Current organisation:  Nandu Hirani Associates

Reason to serve in the Executive Committee: Has a passion for SBS and Strathmore as a whole and is always committed to come for most alumni functions.

Vice- Chairwoman

Cathy Gitobu Vice ChairName: Catherine Gitobu, AMP 2015, WILL 2010.

Class Council role: Secretary

Current designation: General Manager

Current organisation: Cooper K Brands

Reason to serve in the Executive Committee: An automatic people person. Energetic, composed and mature to lead class events and get-togethers. Gives great ideas


Jannet Atika TreasurerName: Jannet Ominde Atika, Program for Management Development, 2013, Advanced Management Program, 2015, Women Directors Leadership Program 2016

Class Council role: PMD 2013 Class president

Current designation: Director, Customer Experience

Current organisation: Safaricom

Reason to serve in the Executive Committee: Passionate and engages her audience. Her leadership journey exudes keenness on people development. She is a people mobilizer and gels well with her colleagues.

Organising Secretary

Chris Gathingu SecretaryName: Chris Gathingu, OMP, 2015, TED (Rwanda) 2014.

Class Council role: Class President

Current designation: Founder & CEO

Current organisation: Tangazo Letu

Reason to serve in the Executive Committee: Fresh ideas. Young and energetic. A mover and people person. Great leadership as exuded by the growth of his company. Awarded the  Top 40 under 40 men by Business Daily.

What’s next for the alumni association?

The network will soon be launching an alumni network body in the regional academies. With the pioneering country being Uganda, where the Business School has been in operation for the past four years. Other regional academies in Tanzania and Rwanda will also forge the country, specific based networks.

The alumni endowment fund will annually provide financial support to institutions and individuals with a community good purpose of service to society. The first initiative was geared towards the support of the Eastland College of Technology. Future initiatives will be largely based on youth and gender development.

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