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Bloomberg Media Initiative Participant Wins Best Reporter

  Jun 4, 2015

Photo Credits: Standard Digital Media

Paul Wafula, a participant of Strathmore Business School’s Bloomberg Media Initiative Program was recognized as the Best Reporter on Good Governance in Print media at the 2015 Annual Journalism Excellence Award held by the Media Council of Kenya. The modern-day Muckraker, Paul, is an investigative journalist with the Standard Media Newspaper, known for his expanse series of exposés traversing from corporate ills, social and civic human rights infringement to lapses in governmental structures. On his merit, he reports widely on business, corporate governance and health issues.

The awards are aimed at promoting quality journalism practices, while recognizing excellence and adherence to developmental agendas. The awards had 32 journalists nominated in various media platforms; print, radio, television and online through the following categories; ICT and Telecommunications, Children and Youth Affairs, Sports, Tourism, Arts and Culture, Photojournalist of the year, Cartoonist of the year, Business, Good Governance, Cameraperson of the year, Health Reporting, Free Press Kenya, Television and News Bulletin, Young Journalist of the year, Journalist of the year, Gender Reporting Award and Environment Reporting Award.

Here are Paul Wafula’s thoughts;

On Good Governance and Investigative pieces

When you are doing investigative pieces, you are looking at what is not working and what are some of the missing pieces to the puzzle. Investigative pieces put to question breached laws and practices; with an aim of ensuring that operations take place as they are supposed to as well as ensuring that they produce their desired results. Looking for the truth is very hard to uncover, since there are usually very many interests at stake. At times you miss the story, but on those good days you make your mark.

On Bloomberg Media Initiative Program

Bloomberg media initiative has deepened my understanding on finances, especially when it comes to keeping company record books in check. Data journalism, which is basically stories revolving around numbers, requires a certain depth of financial, and accounting familiarity which is essential in analyzing the data and going back to capture the story the numbers are telling. An understanding of the world of numbers makes one’s work credible when it comes to putting across a story.

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