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Behavioural Communication Strategies for Coronavirus Programme (BSC COVID-19) Virtual Graduation

  Jun 26, 2020

Last week, Strathmore University Business School held its first-ever virtual graduation for the Behavioural Communication Strategies for Coronavirus Programme (BCS-COVID-19) which ran from 18th May 2020 to 14th June 2020.

The Behavioural Communication Strategies for Coronavirus BSC-COVID-19 is an Executive Education programme that was designed in partnership between New York University’s (NYU) School of Global Public Health (GPH) with a focus on the East Africa context. 

At its core, this course focused on the integration of three public health disciplines for emergency action: epidemiology, behavioral health/intervention research, and public health communication to help participants design and implement strategies to respond to the global COVID-19 epidemic.

This programme had a rich participant mix with participants from as far as Asia which gave the class interactions a culturally and geographically diverse feel.  The virtual sessions offered a level of engagement to the participants through class discussions, case studies review, syndicate/group exercises as well as networking among peers.

 At the end of the course, each team submitted a documented presentation setting out its proposed strategy/intervention. The winning team which was a tie between two groups will secure support and resources to implement their strategy. The presentation was reviewed by a panel of judges, who decided which one is most worthy of immediate investment.

Here are some of the participants’ sentiments on the programme: Kalkidan Solomon said “through attending this training I have gained knowledge on emergency and risk communication and mitigation strategy. The class schedule (time) was suitable for me since it was delivered after I had done my office work and gone back home. The content was very timely since Covid-19 is a current threat to the world and the activities which we have done throughout the course have captivated me.”

Hiwot Getachew from Ethiopia had this to say, “this course has refreshed my knowledge as well as I have gained a new area of expertise on social and behavior change communication. Furthermore, this course has helped me to be more strategic and professional while coordinating and managing my C4D programs in my future career life. I found the sessions very educational, interactive, and participatory.”

Federica Argurio said,” I strongly believe that this will help me have a clearer understanding of how to lay out the part on risk communication of epidemic outbreaks in my Ph.D. research project. I have received an important contribution from this course that widened my horizons on the understanding of the field of communications but also in the field of research and project management. It was the first time for me to learn about Kenya’s situation concerning epidemics and learn about the situation of COVID-19 in Africa since my main focus is the Middle-East.” “I was very happy with the teamwork: we had great brainstorming sessions and the work was carried out efficiently.

Otheylat Alawad noted, “ I had the opportunity to exchange experience with professionals coming from different backgrounds. I am very thankful to be able to discuss the challenges and constraints in my country region’s response to COVID-19. Joining these classes at this critical time of humans’ lives; has been a highlight in my professional career. I got a chance to better organize my thoughts, knowledge, and experience towards better understanding & knowing about my knowledge’ gaps on risk’ and perfection of effective & efficient communication for development standards in response to COVID-19.”

Kenneth Otiende, “the course was very insightful, informative and educative. The class has served as a hub for great intellectual exchange. As an individual, I have learned the strategies and skills that I may require to apply at my workplace home or in society during this unprecedented period of COVID 19. COVID 19 is a disease that comes about with a lot of uncertainty thus equipped with knowledge learned from this class, I will be able to handle the virus in a better way and also be a part of the implementation of strategies, policies, and programs that will help curb the spread of COVID 19 virus.

Strathmore University Business School is dedicated to providing timely and well-tailored Executive Education Programmes for executives at all levels. With the coronavirus pandemic, we have moved our Executive Education Programmes online, to ensure we continue to provide our participants with a world-class learning environment, this time virtually. This will give participants an opportunity to share and reflect on their experiences as they develop new ideas that will help successfully lead their companies through the current crisis and post COVID-19 era.

Learn more about our virtual Executive Education Programmes here 

Article by Juliet Hinga

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