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An MBA With a Vision of Growing Africa

  Jun 29, 2018

Strathmore Business School Master of Business Administration and Management, will on 29th June 2018, graduate its 10th class, a momentous journey that began in 2005. The vision to establish an MBA Programme that would respond to the eminent needs of growing the African continent was and still is inevitable. 10 years on, the programme has grown its reach, influence, relevance and impact.
Dr. George Njenga, Dean Strathmore Business School, shares his vision in growing the programme further, into a Launchpad which will create a budding network of Africans building Africa.

A Vision Informed by Strategy

Africa’s optimistic growth path has been largely based on improved political, macro-economic stability and micro economic reforms supported by the following key factors among others: Abundant natural resource endowment, expanding regional markets, demographic dividend and youth bulge, improved infrastructure, the explosion of small scale enterprises/informal sectors, accelerating technological and digital innovation and on-going urbanization.

“I am pleased that with the design of an MBA programme which was keen in responding by forecasting some of Africa’s future needs, we were able to equip our Executives with the competencies and skills to compete in the global market. This has been through the Business School’s strategic partnerships with globally recognized Business Schools across all continents and in acquiring global accreditations which ensure that our programmes adhere to global standards,” explained Dr. George Njenga.

SBS has partnered with IESE Business School, Spain, a leading global business school ranked number 1 in Executive Education by Financial Times for 4 years in a row. MBA students from SBS take part in the international module, facilitated by IESE Business School, which gives students the opportunity to develop global business management skills and perspectives, including Global business strategy, Global Marketing, Cross-cultural management and Mergers and Acquisitions.

On 21st March 2018, 44 Africa member state countries signed the Africa Free Trade Area agreement, bringing together an estimated 1.2 billion people with a combined gross domestic product of more than USD$ 2 trillion. The draft agreement commits countries to removing tariffs on 90% of goods. This milestone, illustrates a positive trajectory towards making intra – African trade attractive and affordable.

“The signing of the Africa Free Trade Agreement is testament to what we tell our MBA students; that Africa’s Economic growth can only realize its full potential if businesses expanded their markets across the continent,” remarked Dr. Njenga.
However, this great vision of fostering inter-African Trade has not been without challenges; “What has been the key challenge is that we have always worked on building country specific economies, by looking at all the African economies as separate entities, and not as units that can be integrated, and consequently attracting Foreign Direct Investments into the continent. The most significant value add that MBA students can make to growing the African economy, will be determined by how much capital and network (reach) their organisations have across the African continent. My vision is that we have more than 100 companies that have extended their reach within African countries.”

The most crucial impediment to Africa’s growth potential relates to the quality of management and leadership in the public, private and civil society sectors. The nature of current global challenges heavily characterised by unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguities (VUCAs) continue to necessitate an urgent call for Leadership with crucial roles for global citizens in tackling these challenges.

In recognition of the central role effective leadership plays in the execution of strategies, realizing Africa’s potential must begin by impacting and nurturing both its current and future leaders, a mission which Strathmore Business School is very passionate about.

Hongera to the MBA class of 2018!

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