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AMP Class 2013 Tribute to JKK - Class President

  Feb 12, 2014

Joseph Kibuchi Kimani “JKK” “Bishop” was the class president in the Advanced Management program (AMP) 2013.

Joseph bravely battled cancer for close to 8 months and on Sunday 2nd February, he passed on while undergoing treatment in India.

May he rest in peace!

Life is a Journey

Life is a Story

Life is a Memory

Life is a Being, a Person, an Existence, and an Experience

In the journeys of our lives in the midst of our twists and turns, hills and valleys, days and night, Seasons and Reasons, pains and gains, we met people, for no man is an island, no man travels this journey alone.

All 30 of us from different walks of lives, as we trudged on this journey, a bend, a brow of a hill brought us to Strathmore Business School in February 2013 to a class of AMP2013 where we met Joseph Kimani Kibuchi..JKK

And if Life is a person and is an Experience, JKK is a person who made life an experience to embrace. When we think of him as the AMP class 2013 what comes to life is;- JKK our class president.

We could not resist but vote him our leader when we first met in February 2013 for our 1st module. His lively personality, oozing with energy, streaming with life, zest, bursting with enthusiasm, bellowing with his baritone voice won our hearts. And in we voted JKK- class president and the journey of 4 modules began and we all looked forward to the memories we would create together.

We looked forward to being in Lagos for the second module, and indeed there was JKK leading us and making sure we read the volumes of cases and did our homework. Two days later he left Lagos for Nairobi for duty, his departure was nothing to worry about, in any case we are all busy executives on call. Then came August ,we got ready for our 3rd module in SBS, JKK called to say he will not join us for he is not well but he will be with us later. We said a prayer, sent a get well card and we never doubted for a moment that we shall not see him. He kept in touch on email and we kept our excitement knowing he would join us for the 4th module in Barcelona. November came, we missed him, our excitement turned to faith and prayer but we knew for sure he will be with us during the graduation in December; there was no reason to doubt, for faith is the evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for. Then we heard the news and we all proclaimed “ this cannot be so, is life this short?, too short?”.

“Life is short” we say, yet it seems to roll like an endless ball of thread, endless maze of hills of night and day, as sun struts through the sky scorching from morning to evening. And the moon trundles slowly &softly lest it awaken the sleeper, yes days come and go, they turn to seasons and then to a lifetime. How then can life be too short? we ask.

I say, “it’s the Seasons of our lives, it’s our dreams, it’s our Hopes, it’s the joy we bring, It’s the Meaning that we create together that makes life short”.

If it were not these things, life would be meaningless, and if meaningless then it would never be too short. It’s because JKK meant so many things and so much to each one of us, that we all proclaim in sorrow “life is Short”

Yes Life is short because there was not enough time to share JKK,To do what we each wanted to do together, to sing, to laugh, to travel, moot a project and see it come to fruition and to create many more experiences as a class.

But remember, It’s now how long we live, it how WELL we live, how FULLY we live, it WHAT we meant. It’s how much we EXPRESSED ourselves to the universe that counts.

Living our lives as an expression of our FULL and TRUE selves is what each must do. For to fail to do so, is to live a lie, it’s to deny the world the creative genius God made us to make our generation proud, it’s to deny the coming generations the benefit of the better world we could have left behind for them. JKK lived fully and true to who he was, he made this generation proud.

As Amp class 2013, we lost a friend, a classmate, our class President. We all thought we had another day, another season, another time and another bend on the road, that’s why we all regret we did not do enough together and we miss him.

“Teach us to number our days we pray, like Moses, so that we may live our lives wisely”.

JKK may not have numbered his days, for nobody knows the day but we know he lived wisely. What he achieved is now for the universe to share, he lives on in our memories and in the family he created. Above all his life, energy and zest flows in his two girls, the next generation.

Like the lyrics of Paul walker, “JKK, You drive in the wind, You surf in the seas”,

In life a few may have known you and shared you but now, in spirit, you are one with the entire universe and we all know and now share you.

And to you our friends; live your lives wisely, live fully, live well, for you know not when the cruel hand of the reaper will come making demand! And when the demand is made, there will be no debt, for you will have lived well, lived fully and left the world a better place.

On behalf of AMP Class 2013.

The class VP

Photo: Courtesy of Capital FM

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