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SBS Alumni Donate to Eastlands College of Technology

  Aug 26, 2016

The significant role of technical education in growing both the informal and formal sectors is of vital importance to Kenya.  In support of growing the technical industry, the SBS alumni network donated four hundred thousand shillings to the Eastlands Collage of Technology (ECT) on 19th August 2016. These funds were raised during the charity golf tournament dubbed the Strathmore Business Cup which took place earlier this year.The alumni executive committee’s Organizing Secretary, Chris Gathingu presented the donation on behalf of the alumni network.

“Eastlands College of Technology is an example of how entrepreneurship can be sustainable through passing on teachings budding entrepreneurs. This is very encouraging,”said Chris.Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Dean – Executive Talent Development echoed Mr. Gathingu’s remarks saying, “alumni can get engaged in things that really touch the heart of societies and this is one of them. This is just the beginning.”Austin Omeno, ECT’s Principal on receiving the cheque stated that seeing the students earn a living from utilizing their skills was encouraging and fulfilling. He further added that socio-economic based programs modified to enhance proper life skills will continue to transform change in the boy’s attitude towards life and work.

Technical training institutions have proven to be the backbone of building the industrial landscape of any country. These institutions for many developing nations are an avenue of eradicating unemployment.

ECT which is located off Lunga Lunga road serves Nairobi’s underprivileged youth from informal dwellings. Offering technical training with a business and ICT orientation, ECT’s social-based training curriculum continues to offer income generating alternatives to the youth who are often trapped in the perilous net of drug abuse and criminal activity.

The alumni endowment fund, an initiative of the alumni network, endeavors to champion the business school’s overarching mission of ‘service to society’ through empowering both women and youth.The support awarded to ECT will further the development of classrooms and the  social center.

Eastlands Collage of Technology engages in the Dual Training System (DTS), which helps the students apply the theory they learn in the classroom to the practical environment. Currently, a group of mechanical students are undergoing an internship program at Simba Colt. Chris alluded to the fact that the DTS program is important to the enterprises run by fellow alumni and they should strive to join the program and offer internships.


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