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Africa Matters Series Episode II: Modern Finance Policy and the Development Agenda

  Mar 30, 2017

Investment in infrastructure is significant in enabling a vibrant economy and a steady GDP growth. Access to basic social amenities such as water, education and healthcare, continue to top most developing countries dire need for better infrastructure.

Although most African countries are taking cognizant of the role of infrastructure in bridging the development gap, most parts of African countries are still inaccessible. Africa’s infrastructure networks increasingly lag those of other developing countries and are characterized by missing regional links and stagnant household access. Power is by far Africa’s largest infrastructure challenge, with 30 countries facing regular power shortages and many paying high premiums for emergency power. The cost of addressing Africa’s infrastructure needs is around $93 billion a year, about one-third of which is for maintenance— more than twice the Commission for Africa’s (2005) estimate.  A large share of Africa’s infrastructure is domestically financed, with the central government budget being the main driver of infrastructure investment.

Proper and sustainable financing policy in infrastructure provides an opportune window to tackle Africa’s development challenges. Strathmore Business School has the privilege of hosting Dr. Donald Kaberuka former President of the African Development Bank and Chair of Centum Investment, together with Sheila M’Mbijjewe, Deputy Governor at Central Bank of Kenya in a riveting conversation of Africa’s modern finance policy in line with the continent’s developmental agenda.

About The Africa Matters Series

The Africa Matters Series is an initiative by the Alumni Executive Committee comprising of Strathmore Business School’s vibrant alumni body; with an objective to build and nurture thought leadership that enhances societal impact across Africa and the Globe.

Through an ever-endearing devotion to continuous learning, The Africa Matters Series initiative takes recognition of the impact of knowledge in transforming minds, worldviews and shaping a better future. Having this in mind, the series is calibrated to a three-tire thematic structure which addresses Africa’s pressing concerns for transformational leadership in steering its growth and supporting policies that foster sustainability.

The inaugural episode of the Africa Matters Series: Pacing Africa’s Growth in Economic Turbulence took place in November 2016, with resounding success. The Second Episode takes place on 31st March 2016 discussing: Modern Finance Policy and Developmental Agenda, with the culmination of the series expected to take place in September convening global leaders.

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