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Adjunct Lecturer Appointed a Director at CCK

  Apr 27, 2011

Dr. Monica Kerretts-Makau, an adjunct lecturer at Strathmore Business School has been appointed a director at the Communication Commissions of Kenya (CCK), a regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya. Her appointment is carried in the issue of ‘Kenya Gazette’ dated Friday, 15th April 2011.

The board is responsible for supervision of the overall affairs of the commission which regulates the multi-billion shilling telecommunications industry. The industry includes the fast growing mobile telephony and electronic broadcasting sectors. Dr. Kerretts appointment comes as an addition to the list of lecturers at the business school appointed to boards, the most recent being Dr. Allan Mulengani who was appointed as a member of the national taskforce to set up an ICT cluster.

Dr Kerretts whose PhD from the University of New South Wales Australia is in Policy and Regulation with a bias in the telecom sector, has been involved in the ICT sector in Africa for a number of years. She was an ICT and Economic Policy Advisor to Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) between 2007 and 2009; and a consultant to the Ministry of Telecommunications of Southern Sudan.

Prior to that, Dr Kerrets was a Senior Business Analyst with KPMG’s Global Knowledge Management Team between 2003 and 2005, and Regional Knowledge Management Manager for KPMG East Africa between 2001 and 2003. She was Manager, Institutional Banking at Standard Chartered Bank, Kenya from 1999 to 2001. Dr Kerrets is also a member of the University’s @iLabAfrica where she is responsible for spear heading the ICT Policy Research, and a member of Safaricom’s Innovation Board.

Dr Kerretts is also a published author. In 2009, she wrote Benchmarking African National Regulatory Websites in NRA Websites: Benchmarking National Telecom Regulatory Authority Websites (Mahan) 2009 eds. In 2007, she wrote Mobile Gender Study (Case country study: Kenya). In 2006 she wrote “WTO policy frameworks: A developing country perspective.” In the same year, she wrote on “WTO GATS framework and its implications for African countries”.

In 2005, she wrote “ICT for Socio-economic Development: Gender and ICT”, and “ICT Policy and Regulation at Crossroads; A case study of the Licensing Policy in Kenya”, and “Knowledge management, the missing link to E-government in Africa.” Dr. Makau holds a PhD in Public Policy and Regulation from the University of New South Wales- Australia and an MSc from Salford University-Greater Manchester and a BA Cum Laude from Daystar University-Kenya.

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