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Achieving your Vision 20--?? What's your Game Plan?

  Nov 17, 2014

What kind of quality do you want to be known for? What vision will you build in 20–?

These are some of the questions that Strathmore Business School (SBS) Alumni had to ponder about during their coaching session at the Great Africans’ Getaway. The event was held from 14th- 16th November, 2014 at the Great Rift Valley Lodge.

While facilitating the session, Irene Kinuthia, a certified Coach and faculty at SBS began the session by reminding the participants, “The quality of who you are is a longer lasting brand than what you do.” She further challenged the Alumni by asking them to create the brand of who they are so as to be able to sell the vision that they hold in them to other people. Creating this brand is a lifelong process that is determined by the choices and actions we make as we carry out our daily tasks.

Once we become conscious of the brand that we are, then it becomes easy to share our vision with others. Irene shared factors to be considered when selling our visions:

1. Who are the stakeholders?

What is in it for them? Do they see themselves in the vision? It is important that the people you share your vision with feel part of it, they should be able to participate in it; otherwise, you cannot sell the vision to them.

2. What concern would every stake holder have about your vision? Never dismiss the concerns of your stake holders, instead understand their viewpoints and try to eradicate the worry or fear they have.

3. Begin to create actions around the vision. A vision should not remain a vague idea on paper and in the mind but should realized. Therefore begin to think of actions you will carry out that will eventually lead you to accomplish your vision.

4. Think about the beliefs and practices that could sabotage your vision. Do away with those which will not work for you and keep those which will benefit you.

5. Think about the capabilities that you will need to attain your vision.

6. What environment can you create to enhance/ support your goal?

7. It is said, “You are an average of the five people you interact with.” Therefore, surround yourself with the right people; otherwise you will not attain your vision.

8. Identify on a scale of 1-10, how convinced you are that you can attain your vision. You should be confident in the vision that you carry.

9. Identify a group of five people who can keep you accountable in attaining your vision. Most of the people you choose should not be related to you.

Irene ended the session by encouraging the participants, “Whatever you want to achieve, you can. Only, be clear about one thing: What matters to you is what will make you happy.”

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