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3rd Edition of the Safaricom Business Journalism Fellowship Kicks off

  Dec 2, 2016

The Safaricom Business Journalism Fellowship through a partnership with Strathmore Business School and Safaricom Limited, ushered 15 Journalists to its third edition. The fellowship, a mid- career professional training program for top business reporters has so far trained 30 journalists from the two previous cohorts. The modular program will take eight months, during which journalists are expected to finish a 30-hour credit course before they graduate. The rapid growth of developing countries in Africa continues to draw interests from investors around the globe, synonymous to the worldwide attention Kenya continues to attract. The role of financial journalism during these economic times in holding corporations to account and informing the public about the risks and benefits of the financial system, is paramount. “Journalists must endeavor to do thorough research which holds leaders accountable and that which draws new story perspectives. The role of journalists in creating an open window for investments through in-depth analytical business reporting is crucial,” remarked Dr. Monicah Kerretts – Senior Faculty of the fellowship.

Speaking during the inaugural launch of the first Business Journalism Fellowship in 2014, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore highlighted the changes in the media landscape occasioned by the impact of social media and challenged the media to re-learn their audiences so as to deliver impactful news stories. “It’s time for business journalists to challenge the notion that Kenyan audiences are more interested in politics than they are in the development of the economy and how it affects them. The just ended Global Entrepreneurship Summit is proof that audiences are interested in business news.” He said. “But to do this, successful journalists must be armed with an understanding of the business environment and how to cover business news.”

For more information on the fellowship, click here.

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