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10 Years of Improving the Lives of Farmers in Africa

  Sep 22, 2015

Nairobi Kenya, Tuesday 22nd September

Fairtrade Africa celebrated their 10 years of “Empowering Fairtrade farmers, workers and their communities” through an event which took place on the  23rd and 24th of September at Strathmore Business School.

Fairtrade Africa(FTA) has partnered with Strathmore Business School (SBS) and will be signing an MOU that will anchor the sustainability agenda in the next 10 years.

The partnership with Strathmore Business School (SBS) which is also celebrating “10 years of transforming Africa” is ingrained on its ability to contribute invaluable academic research and contribution to the body of knowledge around ethical and sustainable agricultural global supply chains.

The event themed: Looking at sustainability in the next 10 years – What are the enablers and disablers? and sustainable consumption in Africa, is focused on realising the potential of farmers and workers in the Eastern and Central Africa region. The event will also discuss on future sustainability agenda in improving the lives of farmers by ensuring there is integrity in the producer value chain.

Fairtrade Africa (FTA), is the umbrella organisation representing producers in Africa and Middle East and has a membership of up to 932,000 farmers and workers in 32 countries.Through partnerships developed by Fairtrade Africa, farmers have adapted to climate change as well as had access to fair finance in addition to bettering the livelihoods of their communities through Fairtrade Premiums.

Strathmore Business School’s mission, Service to Society through the development of international executive business management and leadership programs, will frontier this project in the provision of academic research and building capacity in the agricultural industry.

This partnership is set to:

  • Provide SBS the invaluable opportunity for academic research and contribution to the body of knowledge around ethical and sustainable agricultural global supply chains.
  • Improve fair prices which aims to cover the average cost of sustainable production as a vital safety net for farmers and workers.
  • Collaboration on policy imperatives for agricultural growth and farmer entrepreneurship
  • Give farmers and workers a Fairtrade Premium, suitable for investment in social, economic or environmental projects of their choice.
  • Enable Small-holder farmers and workers to be co-owners of Fairtrade
  • Create stable trading relationships on more equal terms through increased financial stability partnerships with buyers which enhance farmers access to credit.
  • Co-develop ways of curriculum enhancement for the Masters in Public Policy programme delivered by SBS especially around inclusive and participatory policy
  • Provide intelligence on the development, implementation and best practice of Public Private Partnerships for development

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