Introduction To New Managers Development Programme – Tanzania


Nurturing and Growing New and Existing Management Talent

Promotion into management is an exciting rite of passage for any new graduate.

But there are many pitfalls to avoid as one sharpens their skills in an all-round way. While the new manager has been recognized for the technical skills, self and other people management is a minefield.

They must learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves, to motivate, manage their peers, earn trust and respect, and to strike the right balance between delegation and control. It is a transition many find challenging to make.

The New Manager Leadership Programme (NMLP) is SBS’s entry-level leadership programme.

We will focus on improving the following capabilities: effective presentation and communication skills, team dynamics, planning and budgeting, the effective feedback process, problem-solving and conflict resolution, decision-making skills, different management styles.

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Target Participants

This programme is ideal for newly appointed managers, individuals who are being groomed for their first management position, as well as those who are experiencing new pressures within a current management role. It is best suited for individuals with less than two years of managerial experience.

Participants from past programmes have been drawn from a wide range of technical backgrounds and companies, as well as from different age groups.

Developing Great African Leaders

Tanzania Leadership Academy
Strathmore Univeristy Business School
Tel: +255(0) 222 198 033

Programme Content
  1. Orientation & Introduction to Leadership
  2. Navigating Leadership in Crisis situations
    • Transitioning from manager to a leader
    • Self-leadership
  3. The New Business Landscape
  4. Leading High-performing Teams
  5. Managing Performance
  6. Strategic Alignment
  7. Understanding Financials in Crisis Situations
  8. Leadership Communication
  9. Personal Financial Management
  10. Upward & Lateral Leadership
  11. Wellbeing & Self-care Toolkit
    • Personal resilience, Well Being & Self-care Toolkit
  12. Lessons from the Playfield
Programme Objective
This programme aims at equipping new managers with adequate skills on the various areas of management as they transition from being successful individual contributors to effective managers.
Programme Delivery and Special Features
To maximize your learning experience, class size will be limited to an exclusive few.

The use of a wide variety of case studies and lectures engages faculty and participants in an interactive process of analysis and the acquisition of fresh knowledge.

The programme will be delivered over a period of 4 days by well-versed faculty and industry experts, using case studies, syndicate group discussions, role-plays and video sessions.
Key Focus Areas
  • Building core managerial and functional skill
  • Understanding how business functions interrelate
  • Developing an integrated approach to business and management
  • Effective implementation of business strategies
  • Making effective decisions at first-level management
  • Gaining a broad perspective of results-oriented management
  • Developing an individual leadership philosophy

Impact on the Organisation

  • Accelerate readiness for future management and leadership positions
  • Ensure better retention of new managers of high-potential
  • Drive results throughout the organization

Impact on the Professional

  • Enhance your capacity to manage your new responsibilities and initiatives
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of core business functions and build foundational skills
  • Refine your ability to set priorities, delegate tasks, manage time and resources, and help drive team productivity – achieve high personal and team effectiveness
Faculty Academic Director
Agnes Ruoro is the project lead, Top 100 Small & Medium Enterprises in Kenya, and a Doctoral Fellow at Strathmore Business School.

Until January this year, she was Director of Executive Education.

Her role includes curriculum development and design of leadership development programmes for high-level senior executives in organizations aimed at expanding their knowledge, identifying opportunities for profitable growth while adapting to business challenges in today’s fast-changing business world.

Her experience in identifying leadership challenges is evidenced by many years of interactions with executives through the portfolio of over 20 SBS programmes which run in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.