As managers take on greater responsibility, global trends that are shaping the future will increasingly influence their decision-making. In this digital transformation era, a lot can change in a few years: technology transforms, customer needs evolve, etc.

To survive and succeed, every business needs to transform itself into a change agent.

The experiences managers face in his/her early years, forges their leadership style and philosophy throughout their careers.

It is a big transition from an individual contributor, to a leader who in addition to continuing their work, must lead others. This identity shift for new managers is challenging. At times, managers feel no one understands them.

Among the challenges faced by new managers include: Transitioning from being a colleague to a superior; Maintaining individual productivity while learning how to lead; Team building and leadership; asserting their opinions to upper-level management, including speaking for their subordinates/ department; Team motivation; Giving subordinates feedback about performance; Caching and developing subordinates’ knowledge, skills and abilities; communicating with people across all levels in the organisation; Effective delegation and avoiding micromanagement; Conflicts resolution; working with and leading employees with different opinions, personalities, and skills/ abilities; Doing more with less.


Management Development Programme (MDP) is designed for managers who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of critical management issues and boost their leadership skills.

This comprehensive and highly practical programme also strives to build the participants’ personal skills in order to enable them to achieve tangible improvements in staff performance and significant performance in their units within their organisations.

The interactive learning experience allows functional managers to step back from their day-to-day responsibilities, re-assess their views on the current business environment, refine their judgement and enhance their skills set for effective team leadership.

Programme Objective

This programme aims to provide the opportunity to refocus and immerse yourself in the latest thinking about best practice in management and provide you with personal and professional tools to strengthen your effectiveness as a manager and leader.

Why Study MDP at SBS?

The programme is designed for individuals who will assume the cross-functional responsibilities of company leadership.

It presents an integrated view of the fundamentals of management.

Leveraging on advanced strategies and techniques, participants will learn how to excel in decision-making, execution, and leadership.

Key Focus Areas

In this programme, we focus on developing skills and competencies in:

  • Effective Strategy Execution
  • Change Management
  • Drive Results Throughout the Organization
  • Society Driven Innovation
  • Performance Management
  • Implementing Inclusive Strategies
  • Analysis of Business Problems
  • Accounting Framework
  • Organizational Communication
  • Operations Excellence
  • Business Ethics
  • Developing Winning Business proposals

Special Features

  • Professional networking that comes as a result of interacting with high-level participants and faculty who share different perspectives on business ideas and issues
  • A lifetime chance of being an SBS alumnus upon completion of the programme that gives you access to the frequent SBS high profile events and learning forums
  • The programme is structured in a modular format of 3 three-days modules spread over a period of 6 months to accommodate the busy schedule of the participants
  • One-on-one Coaching with well-versed and internationally-certified Executive Coaches

Target Participants

This programme is ideal for (but not limited to) functional heads and managers being groomed for senior, strategic positions.

We shall consider participants on a first-come basis.

Once the class if full, other applicants will be admitted to next year’s class.

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  • familiarize yourself with the organisational context of management
  • have a strong understanding of organisational systems, their dimensions, life cycle and culture
  • acquire the knowledge and skills and how your role is key for effective management in organisations
  • gain a new awareness of what your operational and leadership strengths are
  • understand and work with your own leadership style
  • strengthen core operational skills like project management, marketing, communications, finance – as well as critical thinking and problem-solving
  • have built a strong character for responsible leadership – through corporate social responsibility and triple bottom line (people, planet, profits)
  • develop concrete action plans with the guidance of expert faculty and executive coaches
  • gain new insights from other industries – helps you approach your own challenges with greater creativity and broader perspectives

Programme Delivery

The programme consists of a combination of two one-week modules delivered over a 6-month period.

In between the modules, participants will be in contact with a professional business coach for purposes of executing your Leadership Project.

This unique programme structure allows participants to broaden their knowledge in an intensive learning environment while putting into practice the learning skill and knowledge acquired in the modules.

The programme mostly employs the case methodology as one of the learning techniques; this gives participants a chance to analyze real business scenarios as they immerse themselves in the various contemporary business challenges.

This will be in addition to various class simulations, videos, thought-provoking lectures by our key faculty and enlightening syndicate and class discussions by fellow participants.


The faculty has been carefully selected to meet the specific demands and subject areas of the programme while bringing in their rich experiences in these areas.

The faculty consists of professors and industry experts with both local and international repute.

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Developing Great African Leaders

Key Details

Mode of Delivery: In-person/Physical


Module I: 24th – 26th April 2024 (Kampala, Uganda)
Module II: 24th – 26th July 2024 (Virtual)
Module III: 09th – 13th September 2024(Nairobi, Kenya)

For more information, write to Kevin Kiiza on sbsuganda@strathmore.edu or krwanyarare@strathmore.edu.

Tel: +256 (0) 782 711 030 / Cell: +254 (0) 700 422 600.


“Through the various course units, we’ve done, it has helped me either affirm what I knew or opened up my understanding in other areas. I enjoyed the various personalities that were brought in the faculty, each with their unique way of delivery.”

Michael Kasibante

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