January 8, 2024

Jayan Nara: From Plastic to Priceless

Juliet Hinga

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That is what Jayan Naran, a Bachelor of Commerce student, is doing to make the planet a little greener. With the help of his 3D printer, repurposing plastic to remarkable models is a thrill that has rekindled his mission to lead a life in which he cares for people and planet a model at a time. The idea was posed to him by a friend (Nishant – an interior designer) who felt that there is a gap in the market for custom made items for clients that wish for bespoke decorative pieces.

How do you keep informed on 3D technology?

National Geographic has some of the coolest creativity shows. When you get a moment google “concrete homes built with 3D printers”. Today, there are some countries actively incorporating story buildings into their architectural landscape. Some of the advantages of such constructions is that they are cheaper in terms of labour, take less time, and the precision is remarkable. My exposure to these innovations has led me to start working gradually with architecture students who are seeking models for their projects. I must admit that my parents have played a major role in supporting this initiative. In turn, I contribute to the family business – it is a win-win for us all.

How do you price your creations?

As a former Diploma in Business Management student at the Strathmore Institute, I learnt among other skills marketing and cost pricing.  In addition, shadowing my dad in our family business has helped me acquire dexterity that can only be learnt when you are in the field, for example being reliable and consistent in what I create by taking care of my 3D printer. As a new venture that involves several processes, I have to keep in mind the kind of client I get as their needs vary.

Who is Jayan while on Campus?

“A negotiator!” He says with a smile on his face.

I am the mediator between my classmates, lecturers, and other times even with the administrators. I served as the class representative while pursuing my diploma and now in the undergrad. For sure it can be exhausting as you are the middle person but in it I have become more confident, a good listener, dependable, a good decision maker, keen on how I spend my time and above all, I have gained friends. It’s a privilege to serve my classmates. I challenge students to take up leadership roles by engaging in clubs – it’s a great platform to be vulnerable while you seek to discover your strengths as you learn from your fellow stratizen. For example, the debate will kick your public speaking skills up a notch and that becomes an added benefit when you make presentations or in future as you do job interviews.

In closing, are there any models that stood out for you?

They are all unique, which makes them priceless but I remember a time I had to leave the printer working on a model overnight. That there was a light bulb moment as I saw an opportunity for time flexibility and a possibility of a business that works for you while you’re sleeping.  With all that said, remember to take time out and engage in activities you enjoy. I, for instance, play darts or vanish into nature during hikes with family and friends.

To learn more of how 3D printers work, visit @IlabAfrica housed in the Student Center.

Article written by Annete Karanja.

This article was Adapted from https://strathmore.edu/news-articles/from-plastic-to-priceless/

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