Introduction To Impact Investing Research


In 2012 the Rockefeller Foundation awarded the Strathmore Business School a grant to conduct research on the policy framework for Impact Investing in Kenya and by extension the East African region.

The purpose of this research was to inform on the situation in the country and not to advocate for any particular action with regard to impact investing.

It was exploratory and sought to ensure that the policy environment of impact investing in Kenya is adequately captured and reported through facts and data.

Objectives of this research

The general objective of this study was to explore the policy environment on Impact Investing with a particular reference to Kenya.

The specific objectives of this project were:

  • To carry out a definitional exercise to outline the parameters of impact investing with particular reference to the Kenyan context.
  • To carry out an analysis of the social and environmental challenges in Kenya that can be addressed through Impact Investing.
  • To assess the existing policy framework and its ability or inability to offer a conducive environment for the success of impact investments.
  • To make recommendations on what needs to be done to improve/strengthen the current policy framework to support impact investing.
  • To convene key policy makers and other key stakeholders to stimulate debate on the potential for impact investing to address social and environmental challenges in Kenya.