Case Title & Author

Title: Hope Home: Early Childhood Education For Social Change
Author: Sara Benetti and Roy Zúñiga

Subject Areas/Case Usage

Social Entrepreneurship And Innovative Social Business Models, With A Focus on Emerging Markets.

The target audience of this case is a group of students at the Masters and Master of Business Administration level. Given that it is a short case, it could also be suitable for executive courses. It can be taught in various classes, including social entrepreneurship and innovative social business models, with a focus on emerging markets.

Brief Synopsis

Andrea Meon˜o was the founder of Hope Home, a center for early childhood education in San Jose´ , Costa Rica. The goal of the center was to provide education and daily care to children of disadvantaged families, especially single mothers for whom it was a real challenge to maintain a permanent job to sustain their children, and at the same time, provide them with adequate care and attention. Andrea felt that offering these women’s children a quiet space for learning, playing, interacting with other children and developing emotionally would have a real, positive impact on her community and fulfill her desire to work for a higher purpose… she had to figure out the best way to
grow her business, ensuring financial sustainability while keeping true to her original purpose of helping vulnerable mothers by providing their children with excellent educational opportunities.

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