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Towards the end of last year, Fantastic 7, a group of seven first-year Bachelor of Commerce students at Strathmore University Business School, visited the Thomas Barnardos Children’s Home along Langata Road.  The members of the Fantastic 7 are: Sally Muthike, Adelaide Herina, Hannah Ngoiri, Latifah Abdulrazaq, Juliana Nabiryo, Njeri Wangari and Sabrin Abdirahman. “We chose it as it was a central location, and we also felt that we could relate to the children,” one of the students said.

About Our Visit

On Friday, 3rd September 2021, we took some food that we hoped to share with the children from the Thomas Barnardos Children’s Home but unfortunately, they were in school and would arrive later that day. We, therefore, were unable to see the children that day. We were advised to go the next morning.

We arrived at 9 AM on Saturday and we were asked to help out in the kitchen. Some of the tasks we were asked to do included: meal preparation which was mainly cutting and chopping vegetables, washing dishes, serving food, and arranging the pantry. After helping out, we had lunch as we chatted with some of the kitchen staff.


From our visit, we learnt more about the Thomas Barbados Children’s Home; the home caters for children in primary school with the older or younger ones transferred to other homes better suited for their care. The Home currently has more than 200 children between the ages of 7 to 14 years.

We also learnt the importance of giving ourselves freely especially when helping others; it could be in material terms or even by giving our time and energy. The impact of our visit to the Children’s Home was very positive with the management being very pleased with our donations as some of the books would help the students with their learning. The kitchen staff were very grateful that we were able to offer some assistance in the kitchen. Moreover, the clothes we donated would help the children turn out be well dressed.

In the end, we understood the importance of Children’s homes in society. Children’s Homes always need help from the public, maybe in donations or your time where you can come to help. So many children want and need to be loved by parents and so we should encourage people with adequate resources to help adopt children.

Service to society is a core value at Strathmore University. We believe in making a positive impact in society through serving the community. Service to society is important because it connects us to our community by improving it, and making it a better place for all of us to live in. Individuals need to be involved and in touch with the working and needs of their communities so they can help each other and be more conscientious individuals.

Through the Maisha Programme, Strathmore University aims to inculcate real-life skills to our students by exposing them to real-life situations in society. The Maisha Programme is run by the SBS Centre for Research on Organizations, Work and Family (CROWF) and helps to positively form the character of the students by exposing them to real-life situations and problems. Learn more about the Centre for Research on Organizations, Work and Family here.

By Sally Muthike and Adelaide Herina

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