July 17, 2023

Cultivating Global Business Perspectives: Bachelor of Commerce Students Visit Singapore and Malaysia for their International Exposure Trip


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Between 3rd and 12th July 2023, students undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce Programme visited Malaysia and Singapore for their international trip.

In Malaysia, the students had the opportunity to visit the University of Cyberjaya, which is renowned for its excellence in business and information technology education. During this visit, the students learned about the university’s history and gained insights into Malaysian culture. A key session focused on exploring the connection between information technology and business, likely providing valuable knowledge on how technology influences and shapes various industries.

The students also visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. During this visit, they attended a session on doing business in Asia, which provided them with insights into the business landscape and opportunities in the region. They also learned about why Africa is considered a potential market for Singapore and Asia, highlighting the importance of global perspectives and understanding emerging markets.

To further enhance their cultural understanding and foster connections, the students visited the High Commission of the Republic of Kenya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This visit likely provided them with an opportunity to engage with Kenyan diplomats, learn about the bilateral relations between Kenya and Malaysia, and gain a deeper understanding of diplomatic affairs.

In addition to the educational sessions and embassy visit, the students had the chance to visit various companies and take city tours in both Malaysia and Singapore. These activities likely allowed the students to observe business practices in different industries, gain practical insights into the corporate world, and experience the unique cultural aspects of these two countries.

Overall, the academic exposure trip provided the undergraduate students with a rich learning experience, combining academic sessions, cultural immersion, and industry visits. Such trips offer valuable opportunities for students to broaden their horizons, gain international perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of the global business landscape.

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