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Mother Earth (Zambia) – Moringa

Since 2006  the Comboni Missionary Sisters together with a group of young farmers in Western Zambia have established various plantations to promote the consumption of Moringa. This has become an income generating project for rural youths who lack opportunities like education and employment.

Sisters of Mary Reparatrix (Uganda) – Bags

This project supports refugees through tailoring. Based in Entebbe, the tailors create beautiful laptop bags, carry-ons, totes, and side-bags using locally sourced fabrics.

Immaculate Heart Sisters (Tanzania) – Rosaries

A quiet passtime for the Immaculate Heart Sisters in Musoma, Tanzania is creating rosaries – what better way to encourage dutiful prayer than making beautiful rosaries.

Immaculate Heart of Mary (Kenya) – Madonna Community Empowerment Program

The Immaculate Heart Sisters empower communities through capacity building for families with children living with disabilities as well as vulnerable women and young girls through the Madonna Community Empowerment Program. The program aims to improve lives through skills driven by the compassion of Jesus – the program builds capacity through projects like soap making, agriculture training, dress making, and beadwork.

Benedictine Sisters (Kenya) – Medicine at Your Doorsteps (MAYDS)

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters, Nairobi Priory, have established a brand that aims to treat ailments naturally with natural herbs and substances. An alternative to mainstream pharmaceuticals, MAYDS offers treatment and relief from several illnesses through herbal medicines.

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