May 29, 2023

BCOM Students Visit SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland for the Business Lead Program

Juliet Hinga

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Between 15th and 26th May 2023, eight students undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce Programme, attended the Business Lead Program at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. The students were accompanied by Ms. Angelica Kiboro, Deputy Principal and Registrar, Strathmore Institute and Entrepreneurship Advisor and Trainer. 

The two-week Program targets female students at the university and aims to enrich their entrepreneurship knowledge and skills from a global perspective.

Some of the topics that the Program covered include: doing business in Europe, women entrepreneurship, business model and creation among others. The students also had opportunities to network with other female entrepreneurs.

The Program culminated in a weekend trip to Krakow, a popular tourist attraction site in Poland.

The Bachelor of Commerce Programme is structured to reflect the changing world of commerce and to equip its learners with the necessary skills, ethical principles and general knowledge needed for decision-making in a contemporary business environment. Learn about the Bachelor of Commerce Programme here 

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