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Impact of LeHHO Project on Sabatia Eye Clinic

  Dec 15, 2014

Leading High- Performing Healthcare Organisations is a program offered at the Strathmore Business School, Madaraka campus.

The program which was run in collaboration with Management Sciences for Health and the sponsorship of USAID explores the diverse and complex challenges that confront regional healthcare leaders. It also imparts the skills and frameworks needed to implement new processes, organizational designs and leadership strategies. The participants of this program are usually tasked with the responsibility of coming up with a project that will improve healthcare delivery in their various work stations.

Sabatia Eye Hospital based in Vihiga County has improved its healthcare delivery by increasing their bed capacity from 33 to 58 beds. This was made possible through the project that Dr. Earnest Olando, the CEO of the hospital, together with his team carried out as a result of attending the LeHHO class. “Over the years, the population of the hospital has increased and there was a great need to increase the accommodation capacity. I am glad we can now admit up to 58 patients and thus offer them better eye surgical services” said Dr. Olando.

The greatest challenge that the team faced in implementing the project was lack of funds. There was no budgetary allocation to renovate the hospital, buy new beds and increase the number of staff. According to Dr. Olando, the greatest lesson he learnt while studying in SBS is the effectiveness of team work. After explaining the idea of the project to his colleagues, they quickly bought the idea and through the Finance Manager, Sabatia Eye Hospital received funds from donors. For them to get the funds, they had to scan their environment and identify the areas of great priority, after which, they generated proposals that they sent out to different donors. With aid of funds from donors, new beds were bought, staff was increased, a greenhouse was set up to supplement the needs of the kitchen and modern equipment was purchased. All these improvements can only go to explain the serene and clean environment as well as excellent healthcare facilities at the hospital.

The hospital which began in 1986 offers the following services:

Base hospital service- This is where most of the healthcare activities are carried out, within the hospital premises.

Outreach service- It entails hospital staff going to the community and offering medical camps.

Surgical safari service- In this case the staff of the hospital carry their equipment to a different hospital in an area with high cases of eye defects, they then convert one of the rooms into a surgical room so as to operate on the patients.
Outpatient service- This is where patients receive eye evaluation, refraction, prescription and are eventually issued with their spectacles.

In- patient service – It entails admitting patients who need eye surgery.
Theatre service- This is where all eye surgeries are done.

Auxiliary/ Support services- This includes the administration team.

The hospital also offers low vision therapy. This is done as a last resort when treatment and refraction have been done but the vision of the patient does not improve. The patients are helped to understand their situation and how to go about daily activities despite their conditions.

In addition, Sabatia Eye Hospital started its own optical workshop in February, 2013. Previously, the hospital would outsource glazing services, however today they can produce spectacles for their patients within a period of 20 minutes of waiting time or three days at maximum, depending on the patient’s prescription.

LeHHO program helped Dr. Olando and his teammates to be more focused and to have good team synergy. He further commended the faculty at SBS for good mastery of content and for using case methodology to bring out practicality of all that was taught.

“After completing the LeHHO program, I am now more of a leader than a manager,” said Dr. Olando, a graduate of the LeHHO 2014 class.

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