November 29, 2023

AGPO Certification: Unlocking Success for SMEs

Sophie Naliaka

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The Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) program in Kenya plays a pivotal role in equalizing opportunities for entrepreneurs in Kenya, particularly for marginalized groups. By specifically targeting youth, women, and persons with disabilities, AGPO seeks to bridge the gap and promote inclusivity in the competitive landscape of government procurement

Embarking on the AGPO journey not only opens doors but propels your business into a transformative realm, where business opportunities are not just presented but actively harnessed for the growth and empowerment of businesses.

This article highlights the advantages of getting AGPO certification.

Access to Government Contracts

AGPO registration directly connects eligible businesses to government procurement opportunities at both national and county levels, empowering them to bid for and secure valuable contracts.


A specific percentage of procurement opportunities is exclusively reserved for AGPO-registered businesses, providing a distinct competitive advantage in securing contracts.

Capacity Building

AGPO tailors programs, workshops, and training sessions to enhance the skills of registered businesses, covering crucial aspects like entrepreneurship, business management, and procurement processes.

Reduced Tendering Requirements

AGPO registration streamlines the procurement process by potentially reducing the stringent tendering requirements for government contracts, facilitating smoother participation.

Access to Finance

Some financial institutions extend preferential financing options to AGPO-registered businesses, simplifying access to capital for business expansion and strategic investments.

Market Visibility

By registering for AGPO certification, your business’s visibility is elevated, as government entities actively seek AGPO-registered suppliers and service providers. This enhanced exposure may lead to additional business opportunities beyond government contracts.

Promotes Inclusivity

By creating opportunities for marginalized groups, fostering social and economic empowerment while mitigating inequalities, AGPo fosters inclusivity in the government procurement process.

Job Creation

AGPO’s support for marginalized groups in entrepreneurship and business growth indirectly contributes to job creation, delivering positive impacts on local communities and the broader economy.

Legal Compliance

AGPO registration ensures your business aligns with Kenya’s legal requirements on diversity and inclusivity in government procurement, reducing the risk of legal issues.

Networking Opportunities

AGPO provides a networking platform with your business with other registered entities, government officials, and procurement officers, fostering collaborations, partnerships, and overall business growth.

These remarkable benefits stand as a testament to the transformative journey that AGPO certification offers individuals and their businesses alike. Don’t just unlock opportunities; step into a realm where success is not just a destination but a continuous journey of growth and empowerment.

Article by Sophie Naliaka Kibanani


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