For parents with children from the age 0 to 3 years old and couples planning to become parents. ENROL NOW


You are your child’s first world. What he knows, he knows from you. The basis of his per­sonality becomes established in the first years of life. Although this can be super exciting, it can also be terrifying at the same time, since we often do not know how to be involved in our child’s progress. The fantastic news is that you and your spouse are your child’s first and most important educators. There are many correct ways to coach your child, but the best way is your way.

Course Methodology

The courses are run using the case study method. This is central to PFD’s dynamic experience and is a useful way of promoting dialogue about real situations in a supportive atmosphere in which everyone’s opinions are valued.

Enrolment shall be done on the Orientation Day.


The course fee covers the session facilitation, course administration and course materials for all the sessions. Payments can be made on or before the Orientation Day.


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Building and Keeping a Network of Strong Happy Families

Mode of Delivery

In-Person, at Strathmore University Business School

2024 Dates:

Orientation: March 9th
Session 1: March 23rd
Session 2: April 13th and  20th
Session 3: May 11th and  18th
Session 4: June 8th and  15th
Session 5: July 6th and  13th
Session 6: August 3rd and  10th
Session 7: September 7th and 14th
Graduation: November 8th
All dates are Saturdays 8.30am to 10.30am