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The Jani Workshops aim to provide parents with the necessary support and guidance to work through the programme with their children.

Jani is a year on year, ongoing complete curriculum that uses a modern approach to teaching character, universal values and authentic comprehensive sexuality to children ages 6 through to 16.

Jani Education in Character Formation Levels

Age Theme
6 years Getting to know myself. The Person within Family and Nature
7 years Happy and Healthy. Basic Values, Emotions, First Virtues
8 years A Great Team. Entering Group Life. Virtues Learned through Sports
9 years Mine, Yours or Ours. Possessions, Sharing, Honesty, Generosity
10 years Different and Complimentary. Diversity, Talents, Tolerance
11 years Friends! All kinds of Friendship, Peer Pressure
12 years Changes and Challenges. Puberty, Changing Attitudes and Emotions
13 years Personality Plus. Holding One’s Own and Building Discernment
14 years Worth Waiting For. Attraction, Love, Commitment, Goals in Life
15 years Feelings and Ambitions. Deciphering Feelings and Exploring Ambitions
16 years The Future Begins Now. Responsibility as a Privilege. Developing Leadership


The workshops will help the participants to use an easy, flexible format for each topic as they work through the outlines, topics, content, learning objectives and areas of development.

Registration shall be done on the Orientation Day.


The course fee covers the session facilitation, course administration and course materials for all the sessions. Payments can be made on or before the Orientation Day.


Strathmore University Business School
P. O Box 59857 – 00200 City Square, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel / WhatsApp: +254 (0) 790 887 738
Email: pfd@strathmore.edu

Education in Character Formation

Mode of Delivery

In-Person, at Strathmore University Business School

2023 Dates:

Orientation: 5th August
Session 1: August 19th
Session 2: September 2nd
Session 3: September 16th
Session 4: September 30th
Session 5: October 14th
Session 6: October 28th
Session 7: November 11th
Session 8: November 25th
All dates are Saturdays 8.00am to 10.00am