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Logistics is about delivering the right good with the right quantity and right quality at the right time at the right place and in the right condition and at right price. Every step in the production and transit process presents challenges that can make or break a supply chain.

In a dynamically changing and uncertain logistic environment, fulfilling these requirements is getting more and more difficult. Flexibility, adaptability, proactivity and self-organization gain importance and can only be achieved by integration of new intelligent technologies.

Logistics 4.0 has a massive untapped potential. It leverages on edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) to yield real-time automated, sense-and-respond feedback mechanisms. With this technology you can establish a highly responsive supply chain that can self monitor and self adapt. A digitized supply chain improves customer service and increases efficiency giving the organization a competitive advantage.

Strathmore University Business School and Kuenhe Foundation invite you to join us to learn how to take advantage of Logistics 4.0 Technologies in a value additive way for better supply chain management.


Kindly fill in the form below to express your interest in the programme.

Logistics 4.0 Seminar - Registration of Interest Form

Programme Objective

The focus is on Logistics 4.0 and Supply Chain Management 4.0 or smart supply chain management.

This concerns the various aspects of end-to-end logistics and supply chain management in the context of:

  • industry 4.0
  • Internet of Things
  • cyber-physical systems
  • emerging technologies
  • advanced data analytics
  • (semi-)autonomous decisions enabled by Artificial Intelligence.

Key Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Logistics 4.0
  • Digitalization of air freight processes
  • Compliance in logistics in the era of digitalization
  • Digitalization in ocean freight
  • Marketing for logistics providers
  • Marketing in the era of digitalization
  • Digitalization as organizational change
  • Start-ups in Freight Forwarding

There shall be a site visit.

For Who?

  • All logistics and supply chain specialists

Prof. Dr. Joachim G. Schäfer


With over 20 years’ experience in the logistics industry, Dr. Schafer is a seasoned expert in international transportation management.  He previously worked in various operational and strategic functions, i.e. Panalpina, Deutsche Post-DHL and Bain & Co.

Dr. Schafer is a trained forwarder by background with a master degree from St. Gallen and a doctorate degree from the University of Stuttgart.  He is the head of the transportation and logistics department at the corporative state university in Lörrach, Germany and a regular guest lecturer at Beijing Wuzi University.

​Over the years, Dr. Schafer has worked, studied, and lived in Germany, the US, Canada, the UK, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Dr. Andre Kreie


Andre Kreie (MSc, PhD) is Director Global Logistics Education with the Kuehne-Foundation based in Schindellegi, Switzerland, and also works as Vice Dean at the German Foreign Trade and Logistics Academy (DAV) in Bremen, Germany. He is a Business Economist and holds a PhD and Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK.

Prior to joining the Kuehne Foundation, Dr Kreie gained further work experience in the supply chain business with a globally operating logistics service provider and worked as project manager for logistics design and operations with a leading European DIY-retailer.

Dr Kreie has been teaching intensively in business programs at different universities and further education institutions and his research interest is on organizational and network learning, and supply chain risk management to enable the adaptations of logistical systems to a changing environment.

Dr Kreie won the International Emerald/EFDM Outstanding Doctoral Research Award for his PhD thesis on “The Adaptation of Supply Chains to Climate Change”. Present activities for the Kuehne-Foundation involve global projects in advanced and higher education in logistics with a particular focus on university capacity building in logistics and supply chain management, i.e. Bachelor, Master, and PhD-Degree programs in LSCM. Further,

Dr. Kreie leads the logistics training unit which addresses operational transportation topics as well as leadership and strategic elements for young professionals and more experienced management.

The Kuehne Foundation Global Logistics Education Program currently targets the regions Europe, East-and West-Africa, Central Asia, and South-East Asia.

Your Investment

  • The cost of the seminar is Kshs 50,000/= per participant.
  • This covers learning materials and meals.

Payment can be made into the accounts listed in the attached document. Once you make a payment, kindly scan the receipt and send us a copy.


For more information, write to Sylvia on or call +254 (0) 703 034 595 / +254 (0) 722 604 618.

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Key Details

Date: 16th – 19th July 2019

Cost: Kshs. 50,000

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