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Investing in Agribusiness Value Addition Programme - Registration of Interest Form

Programme Overview

The produce-and-then-sell mentality of the commodity business is being replaced by the strategy of first determining what attributes consumers want in their food products and then creating or manufacturing products with those attributes. With the continuous shifting to a global economy, the international market for value-added products is growing.

Market forces have led to greater opportunities for product differentiation and added value to raw commodities because of:

  1. Increased consumer demands regarding health, nutrition and convenience.
  2. Efforts by food processors to improve their productivity.
  3. Technological advances that enable producers to produce what consumers and processors desire.

Producers have a challenge to be responsive to consumer demands by producing what is desired. Attentiveness to consumer demands in quality, variety and packaging are important, because demographic trends show growth in the convenience-oriented, health-conscious and environmentally concerned sectors where price is not as important as quality.

Because value-added research is important, producers are experiencing competitive advantages obtainable with processed products compared to raw commodities.

For Who?

This programme is designed for Investment Groups (Chamas), co-operatives, individuals and groups and companies in value addition, current farmers in primary production agriculture, government and non-government policy makers and aspiring investors.

Value Proposition

This programme will enable you to:

  • Understand consumer food trends so as to perform market-led production
  • Understand how to finance a value addition business
  • Conceptualize A-Z of raw material sourcing for a value adding enterprise.
  • Understand the certification and legal compliance in food products.
  • Understand Marketing and market dynamics of value added products.
  • Develop a bankable agribusiness value addition business plan.
  • Conceptualize and come up with a real and workable business model.
  • Analyze business opportunities in Agribusiness value addition.
  • Identify and mitigate risks in Agribusiness value addition enterprise.
  • Know the factors to consider in selecting a value addition enterprise.
  • Learn manufacturing and production efficiencies.
  • Understand in depth the agricultural local supply chains as a success factor in a value addition enterprise.

Key Focus Areas

  • Opportunities in Agribusiness production
  • Agro- processing strategy and execution
  • Costing Management & Pricing in Value Addition
  • Developing Comprehensive Financing Plans
  • Developing Fundable Agri – Processing Business Plans
  • Business Modeling & Strategy formulation
  • Agro-Processing Route to Market
  • Brand Development & Management
  • Mistakes in Processing & Value Addition


For more information on the programme, write to or call +254 (0) 703 034 414.

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Key Details

Module I: 3th – 5th July 2019 (SBS)

Module II: 31st July – 2nd August 2019 (Firm Module)

Cost: Kshs. 95,200

Agribusiness is no longer just something you do when you retire. There are massive opportunities for wealth creation such as value addition, which I have realised is not as complicated as I thought. With the right knowledge and strategy it is a very worthwhile venture

~ John Kariuki, Founder & CEO, AAR Credit Services Ltd



Investing in Agribusiness Value Addition (IAPP)

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