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A Transformational Journey


Kindly fill in the registration form below to declare your interest and the Global CEO Program – Africa administrators will get back to you on your application process.

Global CEO Program - Registration of Interest Page

Expand your global reach

As an industry leader, you are responsible for creating and ensuring the future of your organisation. Thus you chart direction and strategy and ensure that an appropriate and effective organisational culture exists for the attainment of the strategic goals and objectives.

Today’s global, interconnected world calls for senior leaders who are uniquely attuned to the economic currents and market shifts that could advance – or undermine – their firm’s long-term sustainability.

The Global CEO – Africa Programme has been designed and developed to further equip CEO’s and industry leaders within Africa to capitalise on the opportunities within the continent and to master the various challenges within Africa, while still capitalising on global opportunities and experience.

This programme has been designed to provide the opportunity to further understand global trends, opportunities, challenges and solutions. It is unique in it’s focus on Africa, thus Africa’s specific challenges, opportunities and solutions. This will better equip the CEO to lead their organisation within Africa and Globally to co-create African Leadership solutions and to craft your organisational expansion strategy.

By merging the expertise of the three top business schools and three global venues, the programme delivers a singular world-class learning experience.

The programme is delivered by Strathmore University Business School together with IESE Business School (Spain) and Lagos Business School.

Module I

  • Concepts of global and African economics,
  • Strategy formation and scenario planning
  • Role of the CEO in Africa and effective leadership strategies
  • Understanding the East African business context
  • Crafting organisational expansion strategy

Module II  

  • Understanding the West African business context
  • Validate organisational expansion strategy
  • Strategy Execution
  • Governance and the CEO’s role in complex business organizations
  • Leadership models in the African context

Module III  

  • Managing innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Digitisation, Digitalisation in the global and African environment
  • Ethical and responsible leadership
  • Organisational leadership
  • Finalisation of expansion strategy


Participant Profile

The Global CEO program is designed for top-tier business leaders including board members, C-Suite executives, presidents and chief decision makers of companies with interests or a presence in Africa.

Participants have an average of 20 years experience in senior management roles, and reflect a diversity of sector, profiles and cultural backgrounds.

Typical roles include:

  • Board Member
  • President
  • Owner
  • CEO
  • Chief Operation Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer


For more information on the program, write to at or call +254 (0) 703 034 414

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Key Details

Module I: 

9th – 15th February 2020
Strathmore University Business School
Nairobi, Kenya

Module II: 

19th – 25th April 2020
Lagos Business School,
Lagos, Nigeria

Module III: 

14th – 20th June 2020
IESE Business School
New York, USA

Cost: $32,000




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