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Strathmore Business School MBA class of 2014 Graduate

  Jul 3, 2014

After two years of hard work, sleepless nights, loads of reading, piles of case study reviews, group discussions, thorough research and a tough thesis defense, the Strathmore Business School (SBS) MBA class of 2014 finally got hold of what they had been fighting for; the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree.

This Year marked the 6th Graduation Ceremony of the MBA for executives and the 10th annual Graduation Ceremony of Strathmore University (SU).

The Graduation which was held on the 27th of June 2014 at Strathmore University’s graduation square was abuzz with activity as graduands were accompanied by family, loved ones and friends all excited about the big day.

The SU Vice Chancellor, Prof John Odhiambo, urged the graduates to strive to be exemplary students amongst their peers, they were encouraged to have a desire to thrive, defend their own dignity as well as that of others, fight corruption as well as make the effort to use their knowledge and expertise to work not only for personal benefit but also for the benefit of the whole society.

Prof Odhiambo further mentioned that SU was recognized to have the best practice in international financial reporting in the not-for-profit category region as awarded by the Financial Reporting (FiRe) Awards in 2012. He also pointed out that each year the university has manifested the best graduate employment rate in the region with students acquiring jobs within three months after completing their studies. He added that SU is currently acting as a pace setter in the conservation of energy due to the large-scale installation of solar panels around the institution that will assist in saving energy costs and conserving the environment. On 30th March 2012 SBS was awarded the Best Green Building Development in Africa by the African Real Estate and Housing Finance (AREHF) Academy Awards.

The SU Pro- Chancellor, Rev. Dr. Silvano Ochuodho, asked students to seek unity and aspirations of peace and harmony, while urging the Strathmore community to be part and parcel of the great men and women who have fought solemnly for justice and peace.
Prof. John Odhiambo reminded the graduands that the graduation is not the end but rather the beginning as education never ends. He further stated that they should be proud of their achievements as Strathmore is also proud of them.”You will always remain part of the Strathmore family”, he concluded.

To view the graduation photos, click here.

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