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Private Equity $ Venture Capital

  Aug 18, 2011

Many people have business ideas but are unable to bring them to fruition due to lack of capital. Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) is increasingly becoming a source of financing for both start up and expanding businesses. It is the provision of capital by financial investors over short or long periods of time. The role of Private Equity and Venture Capital is critical as it enables businesses to grow, provides credibility and improves their performance.

The private equity industry has been growing steadily over the past years. PE/VC is responsible for financing businesses for sustainable development. Strathmore Business School held the inaugural Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive Program from 15th – 17th August 2011 whose aim was to explore critical issues related to the investment industry and portfolio strategies. The participants, drawn from various private equity firms were enriched with knowledge sessions on the PE/VC industry framework, deal generation, business valuation, financing frameworks, role of debt capital, risk management, legal and governance aspects in PE/VC and exit strategy.

The program had three guest speaker sessions where practical, real life issues were tackled by stakeholders in the PE/VC industry gave their experiences in a panel session. ‘The role of PE/VC in the Kenyan Economy’ was discussed by Paul Wythe – Partner: East Afirca, Phatisa; Tony Wainaina – Founder and Chairmain of Origins Investment Group Advisors (IGA) and George Odo – Managing Director, AfricInvest.

‘Turning a local company into a global player’ was discussed by ; Anthony Gichini – Managing Partner, InReturn Capital; Eline Blaauboer – Partner, TBL Mirror Fund and Esther Mwihaki – Partner, Fanisi Fund.

‘Future trends in PE/VC’ was discussed by Biju Mohandas –Director, East Africa, Acumen Fund; Paul Kavuma – CEO, Catalyst Principal Partners and Richard Bell – CEO, East Africa Capital Partners (EACP).

In Private Equity and Venture Capital, the role of debt capital, risk management, performance frameworks, legal & governance aspects and lessons learnt were undertaken by Mbaabu Muchiri – Director of Credit, Equity Bank, Richard Ndung’u – Partner, KPMG East Africa, Yida Kemoli – Head of Corporate Finance and Strategy, TransCentury Limited, Christine Mweti – Partner, Coulson Harney Advocates and Shakir Merali – Partner, Aureos respectively.

From the Participants

The PE/VC program made me think differently in terms of expertise and skills set required to successfully deal with investee companies. I am leaving SBS more equipped on PE/VC practises than when I came in.

Emmanuel Elisante – General Manager, Grofin Tanzania LTD.

The program was fantastic. I would recommend it to PE/VC practitioners as there is so much to learn from the experiences of other established PE/VC practitioners. Their experiences changes your perspective and is enriching.

Elija Odolo – Investment Officer, AfricInvest Capital Partners (EA).

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About Private Equity and Venture Capital Program

The link between economic growth and strong private investment is becoming very clear. However, the changes in the global economy and capital constraints pose a grim challenge to local investors and their investment strategies. Investors need to be ready and able to apply relevant and innovative investment approaches to survive in a rapidly growing and changing market. Private equity and venture capital firms are well positioned to pursue the opportunities that arise as a result of these challenges facing private investors.

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