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Competition Policy Executive Program - Registration of Interest

A nation’s competition policy (sometimes called its antitrust policy) is a set of laws and institutions that promote economic efficiency through the protection and encouragement of competitive markets. Kenya has recently entered a new, modern, era in its competition policy history through the passage of the Competition Act (2010) and the establishment of key new institutions for its implementation: the Competition Authority of Kenya and the Competition Tribunal. This new law and its associated enforcement authorities will surely change the landscape for competition in Kenya and advance the nation’s progress toward a modern middle-income economy. For the new competition policy regime to succeed however requires the development of a considerable amount of human capital – people knowledgeable about the law and economics of competition policy who can participate it its implementation, evaluate its effectiveness and contribute to its evolution through the inevitable learning process. To this end, this course is designed as a graduate level course in competition economics. The intended audience are policy practitioners, university faculty members and graduate students, with training in micro economic theory and industrial organization, who are interested in learning about competition economics and becoming themselves part of the “training team” developing courses and curricula to prepare individuals for work in public and private sector organizations focused on competition policy. It is also hoped that exposure to this training will encourage research and advising on competition policy in Kenya as well – as a further part of the development of a competition policy ecosystem in Kenya.
This is an intensive course that will run for 17 hours over five days covering the following major topics:

  • Introduction to Competition Policy and review of key economic concepts
  • Agreements between competitors (e.g. cartels)
  • Abuse of a dominant position
  • Vertical agreements and restraints
  • Mergers

As indicated, the course will be devoted to the economics of competition policy and is therefore not a course on competition law. However, references to the new Competition Act (2010) of Kenya will be made repeatedly. The course will assume an advanced level of training in micro economic theory. Some background in industrial organization economics (sometimes called industrial economics) would be valuable as well. The lectures will be conducted at the Strathmore Business School at Strathmore University in Nairobi.

KES 30,000 per participant to cover tea and materials. Generous support from the Kenya Markets Trust, the Competition Authority of Kenya and Centre for Public Policy and Competitiveness at Strathmore Business School is covering other program development and delivery costs.

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22 May 2017
26 May 2017

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