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Annual HR Summit

Strategic Optimisation of Talent


Does your organization continually refresh its systems, processes and people strategies to attract, retain and develop top talent? Align your talent strategies to the emerging trends in development and optimization of this valuable resource.

The Strathmore University Business School HR Summit for 2019 will focus on the area of Talent, with particular emphasis on the optimization thereof.


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Annual HR Summit 2019

  • Payment Details:

  • Cost: Kshs. 41,000 (Kshs. 35,000 - Early Bird - Until August 30th)
    Payment Via M-Pesa:
    Paybill Number: 893801
    Account Number: HR Summit

Target Participants

  • For HR directors
  • Talent Managers
  • Business Partners & Line Managers
  • Mid-Level and Senior Management Level Human Resources Professionals
  • Professionals in charge of Strategy in their organisations
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

CPD Points

Attending the Summit will gain you 4 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points with the Institute of Human Resource Management.





We will investigate 3 prime themes of Talent Optimization:

  • Purpose
  • Performance
  • Profitability

Thus we will investigate the role and process necessary in organisations to capitalise and maximise on these three core areas when considering talent and talent management.

We believe that talent optimization needs to occur at three levels within an organisation, namely:

  • Self- individual level
  • Teams- departmental level
  • Organizational level

The three form the core pillars of Employee Optimisation and thus of the Summit.

Pillar One: Purpose

Level 1: Self – Aligning individual talent for optimal productivity

This is represented by optimizing individual talent, aligning individual’s personal purpose and role for enhanced employee productivity, employee engagement & well-being.

The end result is enhanced individual employee performance, which impacts business results.


  • Enhancing self (Strategies for enhancing individual talent’s productivity through continuous development (Skills, knowledge and abilities); tapping into their leadership potential so as to enhance their effectiveness as leaders
  • Employee engagement
  • Managing your well-being

Pillar Two: Performance

Level 2: Teams – departmental levels

The focus at this level is to position HR as a trusted business advisor to the CEO / Board, an integrated business partner to business divisions for optimal performance and results.

This is 2 pronged, to tackle the support HR should provide & the line support they need to operate optimally. Hence Cross functional talent optimization occurs coupled with divisional business results.


Role of HR in Driving Performance &Results

  • Analytics & HR Metrics / Data driven recruitment, selection, growth decisions
  • Building an agile multigenerational workforce – Personalizing optimization strategies for a multigenerational workforce
  • Talent development & optimization strategies, initiatives / programs


Role of Line Managers & Business Leaders

  • Demystifying the role of Line managers in talent optimization


Level 3: Organisational Level- Organizational Sustainability & Profitability

This entails the leadership support required to drive a high performance organizational culture that optimally utilizes talent for business results/ organizational performance, profitability & sustainability.

This ensures the organization performs at its absolute best.


  • The role of leadership in driving talent optimization / aligning business strategy to talent strategy

  • Developing a leadership culture that optimally engages talent at all levels of the organization


For more information on the summit or for sponsorship enquiries, please write to Jacinta on or call +254 (0) 703 034 156 (cell)/ +254 (0) 708 105 466 (cell).

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Key Details

Date: 19th – 20th September 2019

Charges: Kshs. 41, 000

Early Bird: Kshs. 35, 000

(until August 30th)


MPESA Paybill: 893801

Account No: HR Summit

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