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Business Foundations Programme - Uganda

Join us to gain a solid understanding of business fundamentals, build your own toolkit for strategy and decision-making, to excel in the business world.


One of the main challenges we have in East Africa is the level of skill in our core employees, those who work with our clients and in the delivery of work in our organisations.

Whereas an effective organisation requires a sound strategy and effective management, we recognise that employees are indeed the heart of every organisation; and are key in influencing performance.

To aid in the enablement and development of these individuals we offer the Business Foundations Programme.


In the course of working within a business, you will learn valuable lessons, make mistakes, and gain a lot of experience. Unfortunately, sometimes some lessons are learnt too late. When these skills are gained early, they boost your effectiveness, professional growth and the overall underlying value of your business.

A complete understanding of business structures and functions that apply to any organizations is essential in making informed solutions and delivering long term value.

This programme provides a solid understanding of the business value chain, business etiquette, effective customer service and interpersonal communication skills.

Join us to gain a solid understanding of business fundamentals, build your toolkit for strategy and decision-making, to excel in the business world.

Programme Objective

This programme aims at equipping employees with a solid understanding of business fundamentals, helping them to build a toolkit for strategy and decision-making, to excel in the business world.

Target Participants

This programme is designed for key personnel within organisations that may be at a supervisory level or work as individual contributors.

Individuals who conduct the work and provide the service the organisation is designed to offer.

Key Focus Areas

In this programme, we focus on developing skills and competencies in:

  • Understanding your business and its value chain
  • Understanding operations and operational excellence
  • Business communication and business etiquette
  • Personal branding and image
  • Effective interpersonal skills, and teamwork
  • Understanding and delivering effective customer service

Programme Content

  • Business Understanding
  • Understanding Basic Business Process And Operational Efficiency
  • Customer Needs and Expectations
  • Effective Communication & Teamwork
  • Personal Branding and Image
  • Managing and Building Your Career
  • Basic Business Finance

Programme Benefits

The key benefits of this programme include:

  1. Enhanced understanding of the business value chain
  2. Understanding the reasoning behind cost consciousness
  3. Exposure to the needs of the customer
  4. Understanding the elements of effective customer service and customer satisfaction
  5. Exposure to teamwork and its benefits, understanding the value of collective effort
  6. Equipping participants with enhanced communication skills

Programme Delivery

This programme will be delivered through a business simulation which will involve a series of practical sessions with relevant theoretical foundations.

It will also incorporate a good deal of behavioural modelling.


To address the need for practical hands-on learning the course will be taught by a mix of industry practitioners and highly qualified faculty from Strathmore University Business School with vast experience in leadership development.

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For more information, write to Bildad on or Tel: +256 (0) 414 344 401 / Cell: +256 (0) 704 579 107.

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Key Details

Dates: 1 – 3 September 2020

Cost: USD 430

Venue: Kampala

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