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New Managers Development Programme - Tanzania


New managers are faced with numerous challenges as they transition from being an individual contributor in an organization to a manager who leads a team to achieve results.

They need to learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves, to motivate, manage their peers, earn trust and respect, and to strike the right balance between delegation and control. It is a transition many find challenging to make.

The New Manager Development Programme (NMDP) is Strathmore University Business School’s entry level leadership programme.

The programme aims to equip new managers with skills on the various areas of management to aid them transition from in being a successful individual contributor to an effective manager.

Impact: You and Organization

The Impact on the Organisation

  • Accelerate readiness for future management and leadership positions
  • Ensure greater retention of high-potential new managers
  • Drive results throughout the organisation

The Impact on You

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of core business functions and build foundational skills.
  • Refine your ability to set priorities, delegate tasks, manage time and resources, and help drive team productivity for high personal and team effectiveness.

For Who

This programme is ideal for newly appointed managers, individuals who are being groomed for their first management position, as well as those who are experiencing new pressures within a current management role. It is best suited for individuals with less than two years managerial experience.

Participants from past programmes have been drawn from a wide range of technical backgrounds and companies, as well as from different age groups.

Programme Delivery

The programme will be delivered over a period of 5 days by well-versed faculty and industry experts, using case studies, syndicate group discussions, role plays and video sessions.


Laeticia Massawe,
Tanzania Leadership Academy
Strathmore Univeristy Business School
Email: or
Tel: +255(0) 22 219 8033
Cell: 255 (0) 769 316 215


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Key Details

Dates: 24th – 27th September 2019

Cost: $725

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