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New Managers Development Programme - Rwanda


This programme is aimed at equipping new managers with adequate skills on the various areas of management to aid them in being effective managers.

Some of the areas to be covered during the programme include:

  • effective presentation and communication skills
  • team dynamics
  • planning and budgeting
  • the effective feedback process
  • problem solving and conflict resolution
  • decision making skills
  • different management styles
  • management in general.

Key Focus Areas

  • Building core managerial and functional skills
  • Understanding how business functions interrelate
  • Developing an integrated approach to business and management
  • Effective implementation of business strategies
  • Making effective decisions at first level management
  • Gaining a broad perspective of results-oriented management
  • Developing an individual leadership philosophy


To the organization
  •  Accelerate readiness for future management and leadership positions
  • Ensure greater retention of high-potential new managers
  • Drive results throughout the organization
To You
  • Enhance your capacity to manage your new responsibilities and initiatives
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of core business functions and build foundational skills
  • Refine your ability to set priorities, delegate tasks, manage time and resources, and help drive team productivity – achieve high personal and team effectiveness.

Programme Content


  • Self Leadership and Leadership in Action
  • Distinguishing leadership and management
  • The pros and cons of different leadership styles.
  • Leadership expression and communication.
  • Personal effectiveness and getting things done.

Leading Teams:

  • Walking the thin line of balancing authority and managing one’s peer relationships;
  • building teams and team dynamics, and realities.
  • Conflict resolution
  • performance management conversations.

Building Management and Leadership:

  • Macro-environment and its impact: ref: PESTL model i.e. Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal aspects,
  • learning how to read PESTL indicators and their impact on management. e.g. understanding the budget and other laws, impact of an election year on planning, sales and related risks.
  • Budget and planning – resourse utilisation.

Managing Networks:

  • Building relationships at all levels,
  • developing talents and learning to lead and operate at the next level.
  • Value of mentors and coaches.

Who Should Attend?

First time managers and any other professional interested in acquiring the skills and dynamics of being an effective manager.


For more information on the programme, write to Nancy on / or call +250 788 180 118 or to Daisy on or call +254 (0) 740 048 419.

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Key Details

Starts: 27th – 29th August 2019

Cost: $725

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