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STEP @ Strathmore: Strathmore Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion

Purpose of the Course

The course aims to give the students practical entrepreneurship experience similar to work experience they would gain through industrial attachment in an existing organization. The objective is to help the students develop an entrepreneurial mindset in preparation for being either entrepreneurs or working in existing organizations. The course structure and content is based on empirically confirmed studies on similar programmes in other universities and colleges. Its uniqueness lies in its practical nature because the students engage in a real micro business start-up process to learn entrepreneurship ‘on the job’ and are given feedback as they develop their businesses during the duration of the program. Additionally, a research project using data collected during the program is used to generate research publications and improve subsequent offerings of the program.

Leuphana University of Germany in collaboration with Strathmore University (SU) is offering a limited number of scholarships to all SU students who will be selected to participate in the Student Training in Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) program. Participants will receive seed capital to start and run a micro-business for a period of 12 weeks from April – June 2018. Participants will keep the profit they make in their business. The program is particularly suitable for all SU students awaiting graduation in June 2018. STEP is not a replacement of SU industrial attachment but is highly recommended for those who want to get practical entrepreneurship experience.

Expected Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, participants will have:

  • Increased intention to undertake entrepreneurship activities
  • Practical knowledge on how to start a new business
  • Practical skills required to manage a business
  • Increased awareness of entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges.

Course Content

The course content covers the broad spectrum of the entrepreneurship process: Identifying business opportunities, Planning and Implementing plans, Marketing, Leadership, Strategic Management,Finding Starting capital, Managing Finances, Bookkeeping, Overcoming Barriers to entrepreneurship, writing a business plan and registering a business.

Mode of delivery:

Interested students apply for the programme. Selected students form teams of four to seven people. Each team is given a refundable seed capital of about one hundred dollars equivalent. The students attend three hours weekly practically oriented taught classes covering the course content. Between the taught classes, the students implement what they have learnt in their own micro-businesses and complete a weekly log of activities for evaluation among other purposes. Before and after the taught classes, students’ data is corrected for research and to improve subsequent programmes.


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Key Details:

Program Dates:April – June 2018

Target Group:Strathmore University Students

Application Deadline:Application is on a first come first served basis until 21st February 2018

To apply send email to

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