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Private Equity and Venture Capital Programme

This programme aims to provide the participants with necessary skills to evaluate, value, structure, negotiate, invest in and manage investments within this asset class


Private Equity and Venture Capital (private equity) are becoming mainstay sources of cash for entrepreneurs and investment options for return-seeking institutions and individuals.

While most investors have relied on and understand how to evaluate and make investments in traditional asset classes the same cannot be said of alternative asset classes of which private equity is key. As an emerging asset class, the level of understanding on how to choose a good manager, if making indirect investments, or companies to invest in, how to value them, structure deals, add value and eventually exit when going direct is still low.

On the other hand, several entrepreneurs who receive this source of financing report facing challenges once private equity investors come on board. Challenges range from entrepreneurs feeling that the investors want too much control, that the investors do not deliver on the promises made at the entry and differing expectations at the exit point in terms of timing, how a sale should be executed to mention a few.

This revamped program takes a modular approach which ensures that it meets the needs of different players in the private equity lifecycle.

If you are a pension fund, insurance company, corporate, family office or development finance institution (also known as limited partner) looking to invest in the asset class you will find the first module on Understanding Private Equity and Venture Capital value-adding.

If you are an investment advisor, a lawyer assisting with due diligence, closing the deal, a manager of a fund or one of the key resources within it, you will find the second module on the process of VC worthwhile.

On the other hand, if your interest is to find out how to add value to deals and exit them successfully the third module on value addition and exits is for you.

Lastly, if you are an entrepreneur who is interested in this funding option or is already in and is looking at how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with it the fourth module on PE/VC the entrepreneur’s perspective is definitely for you.

Programme Objectives

  • To aid the understanding of this asset class, its risks, potential returns and how to incorporate it into a portfolio of other asset classes
  • To build skills of the participant in evaluation, valuation, structuring and negotiation of investments within this asset class
  • To explore the key value addition channels that aid in creation of returns
  • To review and understand different exit strategies for investments within this asset class
  • To identify the key challenges and opportunities of this asset class as regards the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.
  • To network with industry practitioners and exchange views on the best practice on various aspects

Key Learning Outcomes

Some topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the position of alternative asset classes in your portfolio
  • Evaluating private equity opportunities
  • Valuation principles
  • Negotiations and deal structuring
  • Value addition
  • Investment exit

Programme Benefits

  1. Interact with and learn from leading industry practitioners
  2. Learn using up to date case studies which simulate real deal scenarios
  3. Get access to online financial modelling content on valuation to compliment your learning at highly discounted prices
  4. Interact with participants from different countries, sectors and backgrounds

For Who?

The course is geared towards potential and existing investors in this asset class, entrepreneurs seeking to interact with the asset class, consultants and service providers.

Participants are drawn from insurance companies, investment banks, pension funds, venture and private equity firms, family businesses, private investors, investment groups, angel investors, incubators and accelerators.

The course will be relevant for entrepreneurs seeking to raise funds in this asset class as a means of understanding the mind of the investor to help in preparing their organizations for funding.

Service providers who will greatly benefit from this training include accountants, lawyers and finance professionals.

Why should you attend?

  1. Interact with and learn from leading industry practitioners.
  2. Learn using up to date case studies which simulate real deal scenarios.
  3. Interact with participants from different countries, sectors and backgrounds.
  4. Get answers to your most burning questions as regards the asset class.
  5. Get a certificate from Strathmore University Business School.
  6. Get access to online financial modelling content on valuation to compliment your learning at discounted prices.

What you will learn

Some topics to be covered include how private equity as an asset class works, how to set up and run funds, evaluating a private equity opportunities, valuation principles, negotiations and deal structuring, value addition, exit.


This is not an introductory course, it will very fast dive deep into key concepts and issues within this asset class. While no technical prerequisites are required a general understanding of investments and the investment process is required.


To answer the need for practical hands-on learning, the course will be taught by a mix of industry practitioners and highly qualified faculty from Strathmore University Business School with vast experience in this asset class.

The sessions will be complimented with panel sessions with entrepreneurs and different industry leaders.




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Key Details

Dates: 26th – 30th July 2021

Cost: Kshs. 153,000

Mode of Delivery: Online

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