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Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Equity and Venture Capital


Most investors understand how to evaluate and make investments in traditional asset classes i.e. equities, bonds and cash. Of late there has been significant downward pressure on the returns from these asset classes with the risks involved also soaring. This has necessitated individuals, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, investment groups etc. to take a keener look at alternative asset classes to diversify risks and bolster returns.

This course is geared towards one of the alternative asset classes i.e. private equity, loosely defined to cover angel, venture and private equity investing. It aims to provide the participants with the necessary skills to evaluate, value, structure, negotiate, invest in and manage investments within this asset class. Within this asset class, this course aims to:

  • Aid in its understanding, its risks, potential returns and how to incorporate it into a portfolio of other asset
  • Explore the key value addition channels that aid in creation of return
  • Build skills of the participant in evaluation, valuation, structuring and negotiation of deals
  • Review and understand different exit strategies for investments
  • Network with industry practitioners and exchange views on the best practice on the above aspects

Key Learning Outcomes

Some topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the position of alternative asset classes in your portfolio.
  • Evaluating a private equity opportunities.
  • Valuation principles.
  • Negotiations and deal structuring.
  • Value addition.
  • Investment Exit.

For Who?

The course is geared towards potential and existing investors in this asset class, entrepreneurs seeking to interact with the asset class and consultants and service providers.

Participants are drawn from insurance companies,investment banks, pension funds, venture and private equity firms, family businesses, private investors,investment groups, angel investors, incubators and accelerators. Service providers who will greatly benefit from this training include accountants, lawyers, finance professionals etc.

The course will be relevant for entrepreneurs seeking to raise funds in this asset class as a means of understanding the mind of the investor to help in preparing their organizations for funding.


This is not an introductory course, it will take a deep dive into key concepts and issues within this asset class. While no technical prerequisites are required a general understanding of investments and the investment process is required.

Programme Delivery

Four key themes help to structure the delegate’s learning and to integrate the skills development process:

    • Strategic Frameworks and Industry Background
    • The Practitioner’s Toolkit
    • Applying the Tools
    • Practical Perspectives

The PE/VC industry is examined using a number of strategic profiling dimensions:

    • Different industry sectors
    • Different stages of investment
    • Different types of advisory services

The different stages of the PE/VC Value Chain are used to organise a “Practitionre’s Toolkit” in terms of key analytical methodologies:

    • Pre-investment
    • Investment
    • Post Investment
    • Exit

Speakers have been selected from a representative cross section of leading firms in the industry.




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Key Details

Dates: 22nd – 25th May 2018

Cost: Kshs. 150,500

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