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Family Enrichment - Jani – Education in Character Formation


A most welcome, and much awaited addition to the Family Enrichment continuum of Program for Family Development courses, Jani – Education in Character Formation, is the local offering of the Alive to the World curriculum designed and developed by ALAFA (

Jani seeks to provide an intentional framework and structure in the holistic character education of learners: contextual, realistic, wholesome. Our blended curriculum is developed within the context of the whole person and rooted in a clear anthropology. Its focus encompasses what it means to be human. Decision making with respect to life choices is at the core and our character education curriculum is effectively transmitted through stories, using the timeless and traditional universal model of folklore.

Jani Components

  1. Student Book for each age. Year on year incremental universal English editions. (African adaptations in a select few).
  2. Student materials to accompany each lesson.
  3. Parents’ Workshops (3) for each age.
  4. Mentor’s Guide. Detailed lesson plans for classroom implementation.

Features For Students

  1. A complete 12-year curriculum according to age.
  2. A modern approach for teaching universal values, character, and healthy authentic sexuality
  3. Age-appropriate content
  4. An ongoing entertaining story whose characters grow and develop over the years with the reader
  5. Compatibility with national and regional standards
  6. Measurable learning objectives and outcomes tied to each lesson

Features For Parents

This program is additionally complemented by a series of parents’ workshops suitably planned and organized to spread over the school years of their children. These family Enrichment workshops focus on key family and parenting topics, corresponding to the broad areas covered by the students.

Features For Mentors

  1. An easy, flexible format for each lesson.
  2. Guided Work: Individual and group projects that are easily carried out in class as well as subjects for discussion so that the points made in the lesson can be assimilated. This is a special moment when the student becomes the main actor in the learning process by means of discussion, acting, or any of the many other suggested activities.
  3. General Information: Presents the topic, content, learning objectives and areas of development. The Objective of each lesson is presented at three levels: Knowing, Accepting and Doing.
  4. Flexible Content: Contains examples and outlines, as well as the necessary information in order to answer the most frequent questions brought up in class.

Jani Levels

  • 6 years: Getting to know myself. The Person within Family and Nature
  • 7 years: Happy and Healthy. Basic Values, Emotions, First Virtues
  • 8 years: A Great Team. Entering Group Life. Virtues Learned through Sports
  • 9 years:  Mine, Yours or Ours. Possessions, Sharing, Honesty, Generosity (African adaptation available)
  • 10 years: Different and Complimentary. Diversity, Talents, Tolerance
  • 11 years: Friends! All kinds of Friendship, Peer Pressure (African adaptation available)
  • 12 years: Changes and Challenges. Puberty, Changing Attitudes and Emotions (African adaptation available)
  • 13 years: Personality Plus. Holding One’s Own and Building Discernment (African adaptation available)
  • 14 years: Worth Waiting For. Attraction, Love, Commitment, Goals in Life
  • 15 years: Feelings and Ambitions. Deciphering Feelings and Exploring Ambitions
  • 16 years: The Future Begins Now. Responsibility as a Privilege. Developing Leadership
  • 17 years: Major Decisions. Decision-Taking, Vocational Discernment for Future Studies
  • 18 years: Maisha@Uni course

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The cost of the course is Ksh. 5,250 per term.

Payment Steps:
1. SBS MPESA Paybill No. 893801
2. Account Number is Jani + Child’s Name and Surname
3. Amount
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